Have Ya Heard? Jus10 “July 10, 1996”

I got a hold of this from my homey Brian James out of the DMV. It’s this cat named Jus10 and his joint July 10, 1996 is pretty dope! Just another reason you can’t complain about the state of hip-hop right now and the artist in it. You just got to listen and take chances. I doubt you’ll be disappointed with this one

Jus10’s first album gets very personal and emotional. Titled after his date of birth, July 10, 1996 presents how the rapper grew up in a small town in Maryland. He goes back to his beginnings and also brings us to where his life is now. The emcee’s cry for love is conveyed throughout which makes his first album an inspiration for all. Recorded from December 2014 – April 2015. Follow @UncleJus10 & @YAGSound © 2015 Young And Gifted Sound

Click on the picture to listen to the project.
Jus10 Cover


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