Review: “Remember When Being A Rapper Used To Look Cool”

Respect to The Cypher Blog! Thank You.


Scrolling through my feed, I found a blog called: Behind The Rhyme, discussing the new politics of the hip-hop industry. The writer has a few points I do agree with, one being we — the fans/consumers — have allowed wack rappers to flourish in an art form where purists — the lyricists, true emcees — and visionaries no longer matter. If you’re popular enough, — reach is vast enough — or catchy enough you can blow up overnight. We’ve seen The New Boyz come and go, Cali Swag District come and go and the list goes on..

Behind The Rhyme also mentioned that rap crews have evolved into record labels, which have mixed business and personal relationships causing turmoil in the industry. Other rappers are joining forces like LeBron going to Miami,  by signing with major labels and fans have had enough. All these, plus factors are contributing reasons to why…

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