The #QuotesCoSign Music Review Ranking System

The Quotes CoSign is officially being rebooted and I can’t front, I’m excited!

First let me say, Thank You to all of the people that shared the video and gave me positive feedback on bringing back the “Respected Music Review”. I figure since a lot of times I am asked to give my thoughts on a track and how I am considered as a transparent voice of logic around my way, that I might as well bring that to in the form of a music review.

“The Quotes CoSign” is definitely for albums. I may throw in a mixtape here in there but definitely for albums. It’s time we as a hip-hop community really start supporting our artist financially so we can keep getting great projects from our favorite artist. Reviewing the actual album was a prestigious thing when I was coming up. I think we need to bring that back ASAP. This is for mainstream and independent albums as well.

Now, for what everybody is waiting on. The ranking system.

5 Stamps – If you don’t buy this, you’re playing yourself.
4 Stamps – Definitely worthy of your ears and time.
3 Stamps – This may not be for everybody, but it’s decent.
2 Stamps – Eh. I wouldn’t even download it for free.
1 Stamps – I think it’s trash, but who am I?

Notice how the 5 BTR Stamps do not mean “This is Classic”. Real simple reason as to why I’ve done that. I personally don’t believe you can listen to an album 1-3 times or even 5 times and determine “This is classic”. I think the after effects and the people determine what is a classic. I think classics are determined by what changes after it drops. Did we get something fresh, new and a real x-factor contribution to the game? Those things are for the people to decide. Not one guy in the midwest with a Mac and an opinion.  Plus, as much as people don’t want to admit it, classic albums have to do numbers. This is about the music business too. An artist job is to sell records. If you got a classic that seemingly nobody has heard of, is it really classic?

Me listening to an album and within 24 hours to a week hopping online and saying “THIS ALBUM IS CLASSIC” makes me no different from social media trolls and stans and that’s not what I’m here to do.

What I’m going to do is provide a transparent view on what I think the hip-hop community should be supporting music wise. I get sick of reading how “hip-hop sucks now” “I still listening to 90’s rap” or “I don’t even know who these rappers are anymore” from people who claim to really love, support and are of the hip-hop culture. This is for them as well as the people who might want to take a chance on an album but not sure because they’ve been let down trying to support in the past.

Help me bring credibility back to hip-hop standards of music by supporting this category and the content in it. Albums will be done in no order and although the year is almost over expect a good number of 2015 albums to make it before the year is up.

You may get the first review this week so stay tuned!

Be Safe. Be Humble. Live Hip-Hop.

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