Does MMG Care About Rap?

I’m not sure if this is going to sound like a story, open letter or a rant, but this was the only thing at the front of my mind, as I decide to pick a music review for this week.

I came of age to rap music in the 90’s. It is very true that you do hold the music that you come of age to in high regard and as the best music made. I often find myself “defending today’s rap music.” Not because I feel it’s “better” than any other era or cause “it needs defending”. I just don’t like the mass circulation of close minded opinions of casual rap fans. I don’t feel like “rap sucks” or “hip-hop is dead”. However, I do want to speak on the type of things that suck in rap and hip-hop.

The high profile rap battle of the year was Meek Mill vs Drake, with Drake being the clear rap victor. Drake responded to a rap accusation in a rap way and his opponent didn’t deliver the blow that would keep this competitive. What I don’t like is how MMG doesn’t feel Meek “took a loss” because his album was number 1 in the country. When did losing a rap battle have anything to do with record sales? Losing a rap battle then having your boss and his right hand say things like “How did he lose when he doing sell out shows?” “How did he lose with a number 1 album and the hottest chick in the game?” Real simple MMG Staff, Label and Crew. Because he got out rapped when it was time to rap.

Meek is online posting “Big Rings” and talking about money against a person that he is not close to outselling or making more money than. The real question is, why are rappers not trying to win the rap battle portion of rap music? Especially when that is the only clear or moral victory you can have at the present time of the battle against your opponent.

Has music become so materialistic that we just don’t care about the actual craft of rapping?

Are we supporting a bunch of rappers, labels and CEO’s that really do not care about rap? Is it really all about “nice things” and “bad bitches”? Does anybody really want to be the best rapper anymore besides Kendrick Lamar and Wale?

Don’t blame this on the industry or the illuminati either. A Black CEO, who signs black rappers said this on an Urban Media outlet and so did one of his artist. The question of rap came up and they turned it into materialistic BS. That’s grown men speaking for themselves and in control of their own destiny.

Honestly, the core rap fan in me was literally upset at those comments and answers from MMG, to the point that I felt like I don’t ever have to listen to anything they ever put out again. I’d rather support them if they were a watch making company, car manufacture or a brothel. Cause they obviously could care less about rap. All comments are excluding Wale for now. At least he wanted to get a writing session and vibe together for Meek’s response track and was ignored.

End of day. I’m used to rappers, rapping for respect. Jay vs Nas is a prime example of that as well as 50 vs Ja. That went street and ended up affecting sales, but it was rooted in rap and response first. As I type this, I’m realizing that this started on social media and ended on social media. Well, guess I can stop typing now, SMH.

Had to get all that out so I can get y’all some real content. I really thank and appreciate the support of @BehindTheRhyme and I am extremely excited about the upcoming weeks.

Be Safe. Be Humble. Live Hip-Hop.

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