#QuotesCoSign: Jay Rock “90059”

It may be officially safe to say TDE is the hottest rap crew in 2015. With G.O.O.D Music quiet and MMG with their issues and OVO not really being a crew of rappers, the block is sown for the 4 emcees out of California.

For those that don’t know the front man and leader of TDE is Jay Rock. He is the first everything that is TDE and he has been very instrumental is the whole crews success. I been waiting on the Jay Rock’s album since I heard him go NUTS on Money Trees, with what I thought was the best verse on the album. It’s been a while since “Black Friday” and “Follow Me Home” but for the Jay Rock fans and TDE Supporters, this 90059 album won’t disappoint.

Easy Bake: Kendrick does his thing, but when the beat changes and SZA starts singing, this joint gets a whole new life! You are definitely going to repeat and rewind back to when the Radio spot kicks in.

Telegram: This joint is super smooth probably the most melodic and catch joint on the album and it just feels good. Lance Skiiwalker is pretty dope and I would definitely like to hear some more joints from him.

90059: The hardest joint on the album no question and rightfully so! I love the Wu-Tang inspiration on this. This is like Jay Rock featuring Ol Dirty Bastard with RZA on the boards and Ghostface in the writing session. This is just everything you love about authentic hip-hop.

Vice City: By default a lot of people will tell you Vice City is the best track on the album and they are wrong. I like the use of a concept flow but to be real on Kendrick and Q killed this and they bookend the track. Definitely worth a listen but be careful when talking to the over-raters.

What I won’t do is tell you how great “Money Trees Deuce” is. Its a good track and I won’t front on it, but if it’s not better than or on par with the original, than what are we really talking about? The Busta and Macy Gray joint, “Fly On The Wall” is nice. It’s actually a good history lesson for those who don’t really know who Jay Rock is considering he dropped his last official album before TDE or Black Hippy broke mainstream. It’s also a good story telling song in the 2nd verse.

“Gumbo” and “Wanna Ride” will get play, especially if you got a nice day of weather and your whip washed and wax.

All in all, Jay Rocks album is dope. Much like his presence it’s under the radar but it definitely stands up strong with just about any other album out anywhere else.

Overall Rating: 3.5 Definitely worth your ears
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