#QuotesCoSign The Game The Documentary 2 and 2.5

I wouldn’t by any means call myself a definitive “fan” of The Games music. Being a hip-hop fan who was once an extreme advocate for the “You Got To Write Your Rhymes! All of Them!” coalition, I didn’t like the way The Game sounded like who he rapped with or how he made hits. It’s 10 years removed from the first Documentary album and I am a much wiser individual in regards to the music business. So believe me when I tell you, The Game has quite possibly dropped the best two albums of 2015.

Let me take it a step further. If this had dropped 10 or 20 years ago, many would be calling it “The Greatest Double CD of all time.” It’s hard to deny it. These albums flow perfectly and they don’t have any glaring musical holes. I am not a fan of any artist dropping more than 14 tracks per project and Game put out about 30 actual songs and I’m honestly thankful that he did.

Sure he sounds like Nas, Biggie, DJ Quick and the 5th member of TDE throughout these projects. In an era where everyone is trying to sound like Drake, Future or Meek Mill or use the Staccato flow, how can you ding him for that? A lot of Games songs and features proves he’s the ultimate student of the rap game. Why would he switch up now?

The Game is possibly the very last rap artist to go through real artist development and it shows on these Documentaries. The things he learned while Chronic 2001, The Eminem Show, Get Rich or Die Trying and his solo debut have cultivated into this moment. Has The Game gotten off track for a few albums? Yes. However, he shows that when you give a damn about making music, you’re going to make great music.

This is more of that West Coast, gang banging and fawking bishes and repping your set music. So I get it, the content range is not new and for some it may be too violent and repetitive. The X Factor is the music. The instrumentation, the hooks, the features. It all blends the entire project so well that the tracks stand out and some stand on their own.

Easy Repeats for Doc 2

“On Me” featuring Kendrick Lamar
“Step Up” (featuring Dej Loaf and Sha Sha)
Don’t Trip” (featuring Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and will.i.am)
“Standing on Ferraris” (featuring Diddy)
“Made in America” (featuring Mvrcus Blvck)
“Hashtag” (featuring Jelly Roll)
“Bitch You Ain’t Shit”
“Summertime” (featuring Jelly Roll)
“The Documentary 2”
“100” (featuring Drake)

I love the Switch up on Circles where Q-Tip takes over. The Game and Will.I.Am are a better combination than expect and Summertime is possibly my favorite rap song of the year.

Easy Repeats for Doc 2.5
“Crenshaw / 80s and Cocaine” (featuring Anderson .Paak and Sonyae)
“Gang Bang Anyway” (featuring Jay Rock and Schoolboy Q)
“The Ghetto” (featuring Nas and will.i.am)
“From Adam” (featuring Lil Wayne)
“Last Time You Seen” (featuring Scarface and Stacy Barthe)
“Quik’s Groove (The One)” (featuring DJ Quik, Sevyn Streeter and Micah)
“Up on the Wall” (featuring Problem, Ty Dolla $ign and YG)
“Like Father, Like Son 2” (featuring Busta Rhymes)

If you weren’t excited when you heard DJ EZ Dick and The Jackoff Hour, you’re just flat out too young to understand it’s significance. Da Homies could have been more than a skit turned song cause it was actually hot and I know Gang Related is in a lot of y’all easy repeats even though it’s not in mine.

“El Chapo” was a bonus track to remain topical and work with Skrillex. Not mad at it.

The Documentary 2 and 2.5 Trump the Compton Soundtrack and To Pimp A Butterfly, but at the end of the day Dre won 3 times this summer. His two Compton protege’s are putting out the best rap albums for the West Coast and the most musical albums for hip-hop.

The standard of music is being raised. You can’t front on albums like Doc 2 and 2.5 because literally artist are not putting out albums. This “My mixtape sound like an album” era is over! Now the pressure is on to really create music. Music that doesn’t sound like the wave. Music that can be felt. The Aftermath Umbrella is setting the new standard which was the “old standard” and it’s commendable. The Game dropped two albums that either build or strengthen fanbases. Today’s Rap music fans need to experience that.

Final Answer: The Documentary 2 and 2.5 = 4.5 and I’ll add another .5 to that to equal 5. Love or hate him, The Game gave you at WORST 15 tracks to ride out the year with and we can’t say any other rapper definitely did that. I don’t agree with his IG thirst traps, but the music is undeniable. Salute to The Game. Hip-Hop needed this.

BTR Logo Sketch2

5 Stamps – If you don’t buy this, you’re playing yourself.
4 Stamps – Definitely worthy of your ears and time.
3 Stamps – This ain’t really for everybody, but it’s decent.
2 Stamps – Eh. I wouldn’t even download it for free.
1 Stamps – I think it’s trash, but who am I?

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