Look Married or Look Suspect: The Rise of The Hip-Hop Family and Relationship

Glad the title got you to click. Now my next request is that you don’t just read the title and write this off as some sort of sophomoric “homophobic rant”, because that would be plain stupid.

Shall I proceed? [Kims girls said “Yes Indeed”]

In 2015, we have seen a lot of things change. We went from “video vixens” and random attractive strippers exposing rappers via WSHH, Bossip and MTO to Rappers showing up with family in full tow and putting them in the spotlight, whether it’s reality shows or red carpets. We’ve also seen an increase of rappers admitting that they have girlfriends or getting engaged and making that honest, loyal woman a wife.

The odd flip-side of this is, the rappers that don’t have the wife or the girlfriend, now look like they don’t like women at all. Many men without that female counterpart are seen as being overly combative and disrespectful to women. We see them surrounded by many other men and drugs. We even have a rapper that is vocal with his security about wearing women’s clothes, yet even he has a woman he plans to marry or so we are supposed to believe.

Now add that with the alarming amount of “Transgender Scandal” stories over the last 3 years, whether real or fake and it really does appear that the best thing for emcee’s to do is find them a great woman to keep by their side to avoid any extra problems and speculation.

Some of the most prominent and respected voices in the game make “the square life” look very cool.

Rev Run and his family dominated reality TV and in my view, were the best representation of hip-hop period in the early to mid 2000’s.

Will Smith and his family are always in the top 3 of “Relationship Goal” memes and desires. Will and Jada have been holding hip-hop love down a very long time.

Tip and Tiny and their show Family Hustle has not only made their children stars, but it also shows that Mr. Harris has indeed been rehabilitated, just in case the mainstream media didn’t believe it.

Jay and Bey….Well, everybody wants to be Jay and Bey. Just check your timeline for confirmation.

Kanye and Kim K West. People want to hate them, but their love for each other has kept them both quiet and out of the scandal conversation since they finally made their bond official.

Kendrick Lamar announced his engagement earlier this year and keeps his personal life private and although we don’t see them NORE, Redman, Method Man, LL Cool J,  and Styles P among many others have wives. Ja Rule and his wife are making press runs right now for their new show about their positive family life.

Nipsey Hussle is not so secretly in a relationship with Lauren London, King Los has Lola Monroe, Diddy has Cassie and of course we are all aware of “OMEEKA”, because many consider that the only real “W” Meek has had in 2015 and it helps that the MMG staff is always quick to remind us he’s “dating the baddest chick in the game” instead of acknowledging the lyrical L he took this summer.

Mister Cee has definitely not looked so well in regards to women after possibly hiding his true sexual preference over the last few years and being married. DJ Envy put his own life on blast after being “caught” and decided to be the publicly married man he’s always been for we believe close to 20 years.

With the rap game seemingly saturated with diseases, break babies, secret Transgender groupies looking for a come up and all these fix-a-flat butts, lips and breast jobs, I see why rappers have either “hung their jersey up” or have just kept their lifestyle private with whoever they chose to love. You don’t want to be out here single and looking like you constantly hate, disrespect and beat women. That’s just never a good look no matter what your line of work is. You also don’t want to really date a woman who has a literal “killer ass”. How do you look dating a woman with a 52 inch derriere and a size 4 waist and thighs, that is one leak away from ending her life and your relationship?

The “IG model” is dying a very fast and pathetic death, due to lack of attention and women with substance and careers  are rising up to reign supreme. That my friends, is hip-hop thriving at a high level. Relationships and baby pictures are breaking the internet more than twerking and although I don’t personally care about my favorite rappers personal life, I applaud the effort that has been put forward to make the men and women of hip-hop look like respectable and honorable human beings.

Salute to all of the Married Men and Women of the culture who make family look cool. I thank you.

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