The Next Rapper To Hop In The LL Cool J Lane, Will Win Big!

Having a conversation with my homechick “Vonna-Vonna” and it reminded me to post this statement that I made maybe about 2 or more weeks ago.

Rap Music needs a new young artist to hop in the “LL Cool J Lane”. In rap music today there is a very large void as far as catering positively to women. I know we have a lot “ride or die chicks” “5 Star Chicks” and “Bad Bishes” but we don’t have any artist rap wise that really cater to everyday non attention seeking women. That’s why I have no doubt that the next rapper to hop in the “LL Cool Lane” will win big.

What is “The LL Cool J Lane”? The real rap dude that makes great songs for the ladies. The guy that the streets respect as well as the backpackers. The guy that can give you a song with nothing but bars and can flip and do a smooth song of the summer with R&B artist.

I know today’s music is all a mix of that, so many of you may think this lane is filled, but It’s being blurred by singers who started rapping and rappers who decided to sing and the numbers tell you, it’s not really working for anyone but Drake.

LL Cool J is an emcee who can really sit and create dope songs for the ladies and the fellas. He wrote the “Im Bad”, “Im That Type of Guy” “Back Seat” “Pink Cookies” I Shoot Ya” and “4,3,2,1” songs, but he also put out Phenomenon, “Doing It”, Head Sprung and “Imagine That”. As far as his “Rap Ballads”, He always stayed in his lane. “I Need Love’s” hook was 3 words and the melody. Instead of singing himself, he went and got Boys II Men for “Hey Lover” and let Pharrell do his thing on “Luv U Better” and some dude we never seen on “Around The Way Girl”.

In 2015, you have a lot of artist who can’t collaborate with other artist because it’s not different worlds colliding and a new sound or song is not being created. That’s what LL’s lane was all about. That’s why he lasted 3 decades musically, while some artist have lowkey been around 10 years and barely spark interest in a 3rd Album.

The game has changed drastically since the Late 80’s, 90’s and even early 2000’s but this lane will never die. Nelly was a huge fan and inspired by LL Cool J and the result was over 60 million records sold to kick off this millennium. Fabolous has been giving us street anthems and rap ballads for close to 15 years. “Trade It All” and “So Into You” are huge records that you know only Mr. Smith could inspire. Even though the Beef states 50 Cent and Ja Rule “borrowed each others style”, you’d have to be a fool to think they both aren’t fruit off the LL Cool J tree. They are also both from Queens, put out some of the biggest records in rap music history and have ventured into movies, TV and clothing, Just like LL did when they were just getting into the game. Even in his own way, Eminem borrows the LL Lane to create big records. Dido, Skylar Grey, Pink and Rihanna have all gave great assist to Marshall and put out great music in the process.

Noticed how that last paragraph is full of longevity, great rapping ability and music revenue? Isn’t that what all these artist claim they strive for? Doesn’t every rapper want to go down as one of the greatest ever? If all those answers are yes, believe me when I tell you, the next rapper that hops in “The LL Cool J lane”, will win BIG.

Rappers; Start 2016 off right. Step your bars up and make these women want to spend their money on you. Do it like Mr. Smith taught you and your favorite rapper.

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