Real vs. Rap: Meek Mill And The Team That Doesn’t Love Him

The hip-hop world is seemingly split as far as their feelings on Meek Mill and his latest hearing and some of his language during that hearing. So I think it’s time for another “Real vs. Rap” post.

If nothing else, the rap world learned from Bobby Shmurda that your lyrics and “alleged lifestyle” can get you in a lot of trouble even when you are speaking in a “past tense”.

In 2014, one of the most popular memes and stories in hip-hop was Meek Mill getting out of jail. Here we are almost 365 days from that day and one of the most unfortunate headlines is “Meek Mill could do more jail time.” Meek took a very bad rap L this year, but this real life L is even worse and honestly preventable.

Meek knew the rules upon his release and he didn’t follow them. It really gets no simpler than that. He knew he needed to check in, where he could and couldn’t go and smoking weed was a bad idea because he’s on probation. If these things were not known, then it’s time to reevaluate Meek, Dreamchasers and MMG as a staff, label and MFN crew.

The realest thing they could have done for this man is talk some sense into him and watch his back, for his freedom and prosperity as well as theirs. Why was their nobody around saying “Slow down fam. You doing too much?” or “Fam, you just got out and you’re acting like you’re trying to go right back in?”

Now Meek is facing real consequences over real reckless mistakes and some feel he put his street cred on the line by saying, “I’m not a gangster. I’m not a criminal.” Now, on one hand, we should applaud any young black male that will stand in front of anyone and say this. However, the problem is, you were all those things and more when you had performances and dropped verses, singles, projects and diss tracks. Now Meek is hoping the judge gives him the same pass the rap world gave Slim Jesus, but we all know it won’t be that simple.

Is this the legal system at work destroying the young black male? Possibly, but we’ve known drug cases, murder cases and gun charges to bring crazy, nonsensical consequences literally longer than Meek Mill has been alive. We can’t play that card right now, especially with a young man who is alleged to be a multi-millionaire with a team of “real ones” around him who could have prevented this.

Is this Karma hitting the block one more time on Meek? Again, I say possibly. Maybe Meek hasn’t learned that he’s not the richest, baddest, most untouchable rapper in the game yet. He was seemingly given a pass and his freedom back and it appears that he slapped that gift horse in the face. It doesn’t help that even his boss, Rick Ross made it seem that having a number 1 album and dating the hottest chick in the game held more weight than anything else in life. Even his “rap friends” that been through this could have shown him how to move. Maybe he wasn’t listening.

Statue of limitations or not, you can’t do whatever you want when the law has their eye on you and you are on probation. It’s 2015, Meek didn’t really have to go on a world tour to make money from music. He also knew that if he was going to go anywhere, what needed to be done. His IG account is an indictment waiting to happen and it always has been. Now, add that to camera phones in every city he’s visited this year and tell me this isn’t heavily on him and his camps poor decision making.

In real life, this doesn’t make rap stars look like the heroes they were 20 plus years ago. It’s hard to admire young talented people who make mistakes and even harder to respect the people around them, that assist in the mistakes happening. Hip-Hop needs wisdom, intelligence and the want for everyone to succeed beyond having money and “the baddest bi**h.” What Meek is going through isn’t that. We’ve learned from his testimony that everybody wants to be a “real ni**a, till it’s real ni**a consequences.” We’ve also learned that either he’s not being given game or listening to the game being given.

Who got love for Meek Mill? Guess we’ll find out after we hear more February 2016.

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