Beyonce May Have Just Helped Rap Content Evolve in 2016

Yes, you read the title right. Now for my explanation.

When Beyonce dropped her self titled album with no promo, no lead single and no warning, many artist [mostly rappers] felt they could do the same thing. Now, we all know that in this lifetime, no one in the entertainment industry is going to “Out Beyonce, Beyonce” but that won’t stop the attempt.

Beyonce’s new video/song, “Formation” has got everybody talking differently about music and the new Beyonce song. It’s more than just the standard “Yass, Bey gives me life” by the alarming amount of overzealous grown women, who appear to worship another woman, with no visible shame. The conversation is content based.

Many are sharing this.
Beyonce Trap Meme

If this is the message that needs to be highlighted; how can it NOT change the content in most hip-hop songs? We all say we’re tired of the over-saturation of drugs, sex and violence on trap beats. Beyonce actually said something that people want to support outside of a club environment on a trap beat.

We watched a lot of struggling starving artist “surprise us” with albums while “Drunk In Love” owned the charts. Maybe “Formation” is the start of “Medicine in the Trap Candy”.

No disrespect to Cole and Kendrick, but they don’t have the pull musically to change the game like Beyonce can. They both got albums that went platinum, but there is no denying that Future, Young Thug and “Trap Music” is what the youth are gravitating to the most right now. Beyonce just pulled a Michael Jackson and gave the world a rhythmic thought. The type of rhythmic thought on the style of beat that the youth want to hear. With that being stated, the question is, In 2016, will rappers follow suit?

Rap in the music business is a copycat league. That’s why the same style of songs drop every week but we talk about 1 song maybe 2 months at most. We’re in a time where new sounds and styles aren’t being created. It’s a time of, “let me try to rap better on what is already out” or “let me do exactly what they did, but call it different cause we’re not from the same city”.

Beyonce is not a rapper and I understand that, but if she hopped on a Trap Beat, said somethings worthy of the stamp of “content” and that song stays on billboard for weeks [which come on, we know what this song is about to do] and we for years have been saying “everybody sound the same”  and “ain’t nobody saying nothing no more” then how could it not change rap content on the the most popular style of rap music?

It’s still a lot of year left and I don’t hear a lot about that Future album that dropped last week.

Final Thoughts: Red Lobster stock may skyrocket and I think it’s time I invest; If she don’t want to go to Red Lobster and pay, your pipe game might be trash.

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