Snoop Dogg: Hip-Hop’s WWE Hall of Famer

It’s Wrestlemania Season and one of Hip-Hop’s greatest emcees has been inducted in a Hall of Fame. The World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame, in the Celebrity Wing. That emcee is none other than Snopp Dogg.

Source: Snoop Dogg IG
Source: Snoop Dogg IG

Many were thinking, huh? How? Why? At first I thought, how could he not and you not know why? Then again, if you aren’t a fan of the WWE, it doesn’t make sense at all. Snoop has been more active than most wrestlers who have gotten a European title push. He’s hosted RAW, been in a Wrestlemania and has been a liaison to talent relations.

The moments I first remember was Snoop getting a commercial on the USA network. I forgot the campaign but he was definitely one of the first to do one. I also remember his interracial lust moment with Maria.

Then it was that time he Hosted RAW, put hands on Chavo and pushed he single with The Dream

Then there was the “Snoop-A-Mania” moment

Let’s not forget, Snoop Dogg set up his bodyguard to be a wrestler. His name is Broadus Clay

And last but not least, his cousin is the “Legit Boss” Sasha Banks!

If you’ve learned nothing else today. You’ve learned that Snoop is probably the biggest hip-hop WWE fan ever and it should be no question why he is one of the biggest artist the culture has ever seen and that his finisher is probably Clothesline Number 6.

Salute to Snoop Dogg and congrats on making it in the Hall of Fame.

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