Reasons Why It’s Hard To Get Classic Rap Albums

It’s funny how one album can stir the pot beyond belief. Drake’s new album Views has hip-hop seemingly in an uproar. The question of “Where is Drake’s classic album?” is back up again and not only do I have answers, I have reasons.

Drake’s classic album whether you want to believe it or not is “So Far Gone”. I’ll say it again. When “So Far Gone” dropped it spawned a whole new fleet of “rap artist” who sung more melodies, got more personal and beats got more somber. Bryson Tiller, Torey Lanez, PartyNextDoor, Syd Ari Da Kid and the other 10,000 cats who obviously bought So Far Gone and it inspired them to do music is why the album is a classic. “Take Care” deserves credit too, but “So Far Gone” built the hype and it made the world care about Drake, the artist.

Will Drake ever drop a traditional classic rap album? In my view, never.

Why should he though? That’s not what this era or generation wants and he was the final nail in the coffin of the new generation caring about traditional rap albums.

Drake has more accolades rapping for half an album than most rappers have in a 10 year career. You don’t need to rap a lot when a little puts you on top.

You underestimated greatly
Most number ones ever, how long did it really take me? – Drake

Give these ni**as the look, the verse, and even the hook
That’s why every song sound like Drake featuring Drake – Drake

The above lines are just confirmation from years ago, but let me get into some real reasons that have nothing to do with Drake and everything to do with the rap fans of the last 2 era’s and why we may never get another 100% traditional classic rap album.

We may never get another traditional classic rap album…

– Because “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” is widely considered specifically a hip-hop classic even though Kwame and myself don’t agree. Overall, it’s an R&B Album. The album isn’t even 50% rapping.

– We can’t get a traditional classic rap album because of people believing Andre 3000 is the G.O.A.T and they count his “Love Below” solo album as hip-hop album and the lead singles were “Hey Ya”, “Prototype” and “Roses”.

– Because people go out of their way to put everybody who hasn’t rap half as much as Jay Z, over Jay Z and from a “hip-hop community majority” stance he’s the guy with the most classic albums. [They give Jay Reasonable Doubt, Vol 2 and Blueprint]

– Because Kanye Dropped 808’s & Heartbreak and the after effect was greater than anyone could have imagined.

– Because rappers are going out of their way to prove they like different types of music.

– Because the new young popular rappers of today can’t, won’t and don’t freestyle, show up to cyphers or rap to Boom Bap beats anymore.

– Because it’s not cool to compete lyrically. It’s cool to be friends and get money.

– Because more cats are striving to be Diddy in his twilight than Nas in his prime.

– Because 1 hot song can get you fame, show dates and respect in this era.

– Because people barely listen to EP’s now so nobody’s trying to make great albums.

We don’t live in a “I want to be the best rapper” era anymore. We live in the “I’m a brand that uses the rap platform to become a mogul” era. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just a core hip-hop loses thing; At least on a mainstream level it’s a loss.

Traditional rap albums do exist; Hundreds of them, but even the heads that complain about all the singing in rap songs aren’t listening to them. So what young person is going to listen or try that?

The consumer demand for a traditional rap album is very low. It’s novelty. It’s literally like buying a record player and vinyls toady. Sure, it looks cool and it’s a great conversation piece, but only 2 of your friends hang with you to listen and only 1 other friend buys vinyls and it’s all of old music.

Final thought: Fans ride waves too.

One thought on “Reasons Why It’s Hard To Get Classic Rap Albums

  1. I agree with the statement about this era not caring about classic hip hop music. Drake is making exactly the type of music he wants to. Much respect to him, and people seem to like it. Lauren Hill and 3000’s albums were not hip hop albums. They rapped for about 2 tracks. The points as to why there aren’t classic anymore are all on point as well.


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