@BehindTheRhyme Is Moving To Chicago!


Today is a great day. Today I can officially announce that BehindTheRhyme.com is moving to Illinois and focusing it’s energies and content on the hip-hop scene in Chicago, IL!

It’s an exciting time! A time to learn and grow and with the official 4th Anniversary here, no time like the present.

The goal is to increase the volume of content, the quality, help the community and do some great events. Plus, it’s a chance for me to go to my 2nd home as well as be extremely close to my first home, Freeport, Illinois.

Although based in Chicago, that doesn’t mean we won’t travel and show love to wherever hip-hop is. Indianapolis has been a great start. Without the city of Indianapolis, BehindTheRhyme.com does not happen so there will always be love and respect for all of the artist and people of the scene that showed nothing but respect and love for BehindTheRhyme.com

The 2nd half of this year will be one of growth and greatness. I hope you all will continue to support as much as you have in the past.

Follow everything @BehindTheRhyme

Be Be Safe. Be Humble. Live Hip-Hop.

Special thanks to Barry Butler Photography for granting permission to use this great skyline shot of Chicago for me to use for my website and social media post!

Like the Barry Butler Photography FB page to see more great shots and PLEASE show his image respect and do not use his content without the permission from him. Thank You.

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