Let’s Get Scary, Racist Cops Fired!

Two senseless murders of unarmed black men recorded within 24 hours. If a loaded gun is not in your hand with finger on the trigger, no police officer or person in general should feel threatened enough to shoot. I’ll never not feel that way.

I see a lot of what should we do? Let’s protest, Let’s march, Let’s “buy black” and to be honest, I have no faith in any of that being a real solution because of the real issue.

The real issue is simple; Scary and or racist, white cops are killing black men. They are killing us because they don’t know us or care to understand us. They kill us because “the good cops” won’t speak up, whether right or wrong. They kill us because so far, we continue to address every problem but the real problem, which is obvious racist police officers put in urban populated areas. That’s negligent, ignorant and we need to stop it.

What can we do? We need a strong and more direct message. We need to be the louder voice of the people we represent. We need to come together, combat and get rid of every single racist and scary cop in our community and the Chiefs that knowingly know they are implanting scary, racist cops in our communities.

This is isn’t a call to arms. I’m not saying go out and start killing cops. I’m saying come forth and build cases. Put these cops in position to get fired BEFORE they kill another unarmed black kid and get a vacation and media coverage for it. Us wanting to kill won’t solve much. We got to know our rights and be petty about it.

You don’t like a cops tone with you? Go report it
You feel you were being followed unjustly? Report it
If you’re in your neighborhood and you see cops using elements of provocation in an effort to manhandle, disrespect or possibly murder someone else in your community? Report it

The problem is, we always say “racist punk a$$ cops” and sometimes we even know them by name and badge number and how they are notorious for doing whatever they want in our neighborhoods, but we never do anything beyond acknowledge that it happens. We go in the house, holler, cuss and want to fight anything but the “bad eggs” in law enforcement. That day has got to end.

When are we going to take back our communities and demand fearless men and women of any color be sent in to protect them?

When are we going to get that fear out of our chest and go head up against these cowardly, ignorant, racist cops?

When are we going to understand that those “predominantly fair skin neighborhoods” file complaints from everything from the height of the grass to the way they were talked to while getting speeding tickets and that’s one of the main reasons, they don’t have the same problems?

Yeah, it’s always going to be different and harder for us; But who’s says we can’t play the game better than anybody else? Why are we the ones living in fear in the place we hang out and lay our heads? Let’s Get These Scary, Racist Cops Fired!

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