Hip-Hop Bonds: Ace Hood and Shelah Marie


In a world where social media and VH1 paint the picture of dating a rapper being all about popping bottles, sleeping with multiple groupies and VIP, Ace Hood and his lady, Shelah Marie are showing us a real bond.  Rapper Ace Hood, popularly known for his hit single “Hustle Hard” and actress Shelah Marie (The Transporter 2, Miami Vice, CSI Miami)  have quickly become my favorite couple in Hip-Hop.  Shelah prides herself as being a curly and curvy, positive feminist, that is committed to empowering women through performance.  Together, they represent one of the healthiest relationships I’ve seen in a while, especially from a young couple in the world of hip-hop.  They attribute great communication, willingness to comprise and fulfilling your partners’ needs to having a happy and fulfilling relationship.

What I love about this couple is that they are respectful, supportive and have fun with each other. Everything I’ve seen has been dope and so refreshing!  When you’re apart of the “rapper lifestyle”, it’s easy to get consumed by the bling, drugs, alcohol and other elements that come with fame, but the fact that they have chosen to show a more realistic and healthy relationship is amazing!

The couple says “Yoga, Meditation and Discipline have allowed them to connect better mentally, spiritually and physically. It has also helped out a lot in the bedroom!”

Their posts on social media show a realness in their relationship that’s hard not to love.  It’s not them always being out on the town or at some big event. They show us casual, “lazy days” at home on the couch and other everyday things that you and I can relate to. Simple things like this are appreciated, noticed and personally raise my respect level.

In a time where lots of rappers are seen with “foreign women” with fake bodies, it’s nice to see this brother with a beautiful Black Natural Queen on his arm. Ace Hood and Shelah are winning and they know it!  How can you not love a couple that protest, play, mediate and slay together? Kudos to Ace Hood and Shelah Marie!

To check out this dope display of hip-hop love, follow them on IG @acehood and @theshelahmarie


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