Sean Price : My Favorite “Rap Bully”


My spirit has had me in the mood for Sean Price since this month started. I been running hard to the Apple Music Playlist and the one that I made of Sean Price, not realized that today marks a year since his unfortunate passing.

Sean Price doesn’t have many mainstream accolades that a lot of the casual rap fans may recognize, but he represents a lost, rugged art of emceeing that honestly isn’t available or accepted anymore. At least not by the majority. The say whatever as long as it sound nice emcee seems to be socially unacceptable now and we need a new one to make a wave in this game ASAP.

The Boot Camp Clik is hardcore hip-hop at it’s finest. It’s what made Wu Tang take it to another level and what Pro Era represents in their own way now. Sean Price was one of the pioneers of the style I like to call “Rap Bully”. P, Freddie Foxx, Beans, Ghostface Killah and even Sheek Louch, all have that “enforcer of the crew” demeanor and rhyme ability. It don’t really move a lot of units consistently, but damn does it ever feel good to hear on a good or bad day. Then you have the early days of Fat Joe and 50 Cent, but we know with great progress comes change and if we want to see our favorite rappers win, we can’t be mad at that.

I love Sean Price’s music because it’s brash, arrogant, comical, creative, lyrical and it has a vibe of “STFU fore’ I slap the ish out you AND your favorite rapper!” Everybody can’t do that and make it sound and feel believable. That’s why P’s my favorite “Rap Bully”

Every Era needs a “Rap Bully” to balance things out in the game. An emcee that’s nice enough to pose as much of a threat lyrically as they do physically. Even as I sit right now, I think no can replace Sean Price now that he’s gone, but no one is comparable of this era to carry the torch of what he represented. We still got Bumpy, Beans, Sheek, GFK, but man…the game needs a Sean Price. Who’s the new rap bully to strike a little fear in the hearts of the young, fly and flashy?

Prayers to the Price family and the rest of the BCC at this time. Losing family is never easy. This was a bigger loss to the culture than the media might make it out to be. R.I.P!

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