BTR 1996 Challenge

Inspired by the #SoGoneChallenge and #AdrenalineRushChallenge I want to create a challenge of my own. I’m about to start a gauntlet challenge to all the emcees out there as we here at BehindTheRhyme.com search for Better Bars.

Some of the challenges will have guidelines, some will have none. We’ll start off sharing and reposting all videos, then we will only be showcasing the best bars we are tagged in.

The first challenge beat…….
NaS Affirmative Action [Shout to @JRBang for helping narrow this down]

This beat belongs to one of the hardest posse cuts of 1996!
What can you do with it? No criteria for this one. Just go in.

Tag @BehindTheRhyme in your video and we’ll share it.

Be Safe. Be Humble. Live Hip-Hop.

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