What Is Your G.O.A.T Criteria?


Week after Month after Year, the conversation of Greatest Rapper Alive or All Time comes up.

Within that conversation, I hear a lot of Jay Z isn’t the greatest rapper alive or I hear Andre 3000 is the best ever. However, when asked to explain why, a lot of the reasons are based on feelings and “I just don’t like them.”

I want to hear from you! What qualifies a rapper to be a GOAT? What tangible stats and qualities must they have to be in the conversation?

I only do favorite list, but if we’re talking G.O.A.T; I feel you have to have the following.

Strong Catalog [Minimum 3 undeniable “Great” or “Classic” albums]
Longevity [Minimum 10 noteworthy years]
Set at least 1 national trend
Undeniable hip-hop contribution/Cultural Impact [What did you do that changed the game forever?]

That would be in my personal criteria. As an example: I may not feel music from Lil Wayne, but I can’t argue his cultural impact. Some of you may really dislike Jay Z, but over the last 20 years who has set more trends than he has?

In my mind, Classic Albums got to sell. I don’t think real classics get slept on.

Hit us up everywhere we are to give your classic criteria! @BehindTheRhyme errthang!

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