Pray for A DMX Level of Faith

Book of DMX Micki B
If you haven’t learned this yet, I have to tell you right now, DMX is here for a real reason. Never has hip-hop seen a public figure encounter such extreme highs and lows and survive like we have seen with DMX. Addiction, tragedy, triumph and obvious favor from God, DMX is still with us and I don’t think he’s going anywhere for a long time.

I’m in a period of life where I am a firm believer in God, but do not devote myself to a religion. What I do believe in, is the life and times of DMX as a testament of exactly what God’s grace and mercy is all about.

From what we know just on what has been told through music and interviews, DMX should have died by 30 years old. Meaning under normal circumstances any human on this planet that has endured what he has before the fame, to then reach his level of success, is usually found in a hotel room alone with their vice of choice in their system, breathless and we all stop and recognize the tragedy. We’ve lost some greats to health issues and drug use that wasn’t labeled as addiction or even a consistent habit and X is still here with an admitted battle with drugs. It’s an honest miracle that we are not recognizing enough; At least not under the right lens. Let’s briefly look at X’s timeline

He’s been abandoned by his parents and grew up in Group Homes
The first blunt DMX ever hit was laced with crack cocaine as a young teen. He had no knowledge till after he smoked and has been hooked ever since.
He’s been a stick up kid with Swizz Beats

From there he transitions to one of the biggest stars in rap music ever and sells millions of records at what was deemed then as the late age of 28.
He’s the first rapper to drop 2 full separate solo albums within 8 months.
He’s had a chance to tour the world and inspire millions with his story of pain.
The only rapper to halt one of the grimiest catalogs ever to do movies and a faith based album and not get questioned or be labeled a hypocrite by hip-hop.
He’s survived run ins with police, several jail sentences and based on what we were told, near death experiences.
He’s also now with 15 children. Many he’s had well after his heyday.

All that and I just seen a video of his latest sermon

In my world, X is why we all should believe God exist. I trust DMX’s word more than the average man of the cloth. A lot of people who devote to a religion are known to condemn and shun the sinners and don’t reach the masses because of their views on how to carry out religion. DMX is a man that knows his sinning ways are apart of the Devils attack on him and the more he speaks it, the more his life becomes a testament of the miracle of God’s work when you have unbelievable Faith in him. X has unbelievable Faith in God and it’s helped people really believe in him and what he says in song. The brand that is DMX is beyond race, color and gender and has been for quite a while.

A few months ago many said “I hope DMX makes it out of 2016” after he was found unresponsive and rushed to the hospital. It’s my belief that DMX is going to outlive many of us and until his fight within himself is truly understood, he will be here to be the ultimate walking testament.

I believe that testament is whether you have nothing or everything, life is a struggle. Struggle is only conquered when you realize that you can’t get through it alone. I haven’t had the opportunity to talk to X yet, but that’s just what I believe from what I’m watching. Even without the final chapter, the story as it is written already is amazing.

From now on, I’m praying for a DMX level Faith.

“See to live is to suffer, but to survive
Well, that’s to find meaning in the suffering” – DMX

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