The Black Female Rappers I Miss



I was riding in my car the other day, when some old school Fugees came up on the playlist that I was listening to.  Man, I almost lost it!  It sounded so good to hear Lauryn Hill rip them lyrics and it also got me to thinking “Where are the phenomenal Black female rappers like this today?” I know some may disagree and say it’s some hot female rappers out now, but it’s just not the same feel.  I know there are ladies like Dreezy, Tink, Dej Loaf, Azealia Banks and of course Nicki Minaj doing their thing now, but to be honest, they just don’t really do it for me like the female rappers in 90’s and early 2000’s did it.

I grew up  listening to Salt-N-Pepa, Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot, Da Brat, Lauryn Hill (from The Fugees) and Left Eye (from TLC).  I remember my two favorite “rap girl group” moments were when Salt-N-Pepa’s video “Whatta Man” dropped and when Lil Kim, Missy, Left Eye, Da Brat and Angie Martinez came together for their rendition of “Ladies Night”.  I instantly knew every word to both these songs! These were such “feel good” songs and we women quickly adopted them as our anthems.

There was a lot of diversity in female rappers then.  Each one had their own style and flare, no two were alike. While definitely being sexy in their own right, they were still true undeniable talents. These women spoke about so many different topics and told real life stories. They gave a great amount of encouragement and positivity through the music as well.   That made them relatable to women, plus they came hard on the mic so the fellas dug them too. Plus their music is STILL very relevant today.

The majority of topics that we are being oversaturated with by female rappers today are how good their pu$$y is, how they can take your man, how much money they got and then it ends with they don’t need a man in the first place. It’s so old and cliché and I’m over it. We need balance.  Most of the songs lack content. Half of the time when I do see a female rapper today, their style is either that of a stripper, reality TV star or a boy…..not a tomboy…..but an actual boy!

Where are the Queen Latifah’s that taught us to demand respect and come together as a people.  Where are my sassy girls next door like Salt-N-Pepa?  Where are the Missy Elliot’s that repped for the thicker chick that could rock the mic and carry a note at the same time.  Where are my sistas rocking that tomboy style but then can switch it up and have the guys mesmerized like Da Brat?  Where are my Left Eye’s that come ready to spread pure knowledge through the rhymes?  Where are the Mc Lyte’s, the Yoyo’s and the Eve’s?

Why are there no dope female rappers to fill the voids of the greats that came before them?  Most of the female rappers today just don’t even compare. This is a part of Hip-Hop that is definitely needed….I sure miss it.


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