You Got 1 Partner In Rhyme. Who Do You Choose?


One thing that is missing in rap music right now is the great rap duo. The two emcees that can trade bars back and forth or spit a verse so ill that the other member knows it’s either step up or get washed up. There have been a number of great “Partners In Rhyme” but I want to know who you would select to be yours. Let’s break the above pic down.

Jadakiss: The Champ! Self Proclaimed Top 5 Dead or Alive, one of the most respected and feared emcees of any era. Unspoken front man of the L.O.X and known for back and forth classics like “We Gonna Make It” with Styles P. Kiss shines brightest on features and collabs.

Kurupt: Young Gotti! The emcee of Tha Dogg Pound. From Philly to L.A and back known as one of the best freestyle rappers in the game ever. Can shine and do his thing whether he’s on a track with Snoop, Canibus, Rass Kass or Kendrick Lamar. You want bars or some gangsta ish, he got you.

Prodigy:The H.N.I.C! Lead emcee for Mobb Deep. Some of the most iconic verses of the 90’s. If you’re not on your game, your verse will get overshadowed, especially if he bookends you with two 24 bar verses. Every hip-hop head knows a P verse or 3.

Styles P: The Ghost! Many say he is the reason why the back and forth with Jadakiss is so seamless. Has also went back and forth with fellow L.O.X Member Sheek Louch on cult classic “In and Out”. Extremely underrated ghostwriter and emcee.

Raekwon: The Chef! One of the greatest storytellers hip-hop has ever heard. Not heavy on the punchlines but paints great pictures and can turn any track into a street saga. Very hard style to compliment.

Ghostface Killah:Tony Starks! Raekwon’s favorite rhyme partner. One of the original “swag champs”. Can easily take over your track if you’re not on your game. Unorthodox punchlines, great story teller and he uses both well whether he’s talking about the streets or women. Even if you don’t understand the bar, he’ll make it sound fly.

Big Boi: Sir Lucious Leftfoot! Personal opinion, one of the most unappreciated and underrated emcee’s ever. One of the true masters of style and lyricism. A futuristic emcee with a “old school playa” foundation. He has never been washed up on any track ever.

Andre 3000: 3 Stacks! Regarded by many as the greatest rapper ever and all he needs is 1 verse a year to claim that title. The number 1 eclectic renaissance man of hip-hop. Effortlessly great when he wants to rap. His style may overshadow how dope you truly are to the average listener.

Method Man: Johnny Blaze! The biggest star of The Wu Tang Clan. Multi-talented superstar and his favorite rhyme partner is Redman. A great compliment to any beat or emcee. Big, Pac, Nas, and Snoop were all alive and put out a classic album and Meth was still regarded as one of the biggest stars in hip-hop off of a self titled song and a forthcoming album.

PMD: The Mic Doc! Another one on the underrated emcee list. The originator of the back and forth flow with Erick Sermon. A slick but rugged lyricist. Every time you hear him, every decade, there is no mic rust.

Beanie Sigel: Beans! The Broad Street Bully! May go down as the best emcee out of Philly ever. On the not so low, he may have cleaned up your favorite rapper a couple times and I’m not talking about Freeway. Most of his collabs are considered classics.

Redman: The Funk Doc! Eminem’s favorite rapper. Can trade bars with any rapper in the world and has. Personal opinion, Reggie should be in everybody’s “Emcee Top 10”. 20 plus years and lyrically hasn’t lost a step. The anchor for Def Squad and his albums with Method Man. The only time he may have gotten washed was when Canibus spit a minimum 50 bars on The Lost Boyz “Beast From The East” track, but who didn’t Canibus wash in 1997?


So with all that said; Who are you rocking with?

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