All The Sad Angles of The Game vs. Meek Mill

Let me start by saying this entire situation is so far out of nowhere, I wasn’t even sure how to react.

The hip-hop community is being forced to believe some “street ish” is now turning into some “hip-hop ish” when The Game’s 92 Bars released.

As you can hear, this is the classic “This rapper is a snitch so it’s beef” track. He also lied about going Bar for Bar with Jada…but that’s a rap conversation for later.

Meek, learned from what happened last year and came well prepared on the first strike.

Nothing really “new” to get you out of your seat, but props to Meek being courageous enough to use “faggot” in 2016. Rappers don’t do that anymore. The Beans bar was exactly that. Great to see Philly unity, but the hype around that IG clip lead this to be a let down.

Because this is what The Game thrives on, we got another diss already with “Pest Control”.

Game really makes some long diss tracks. This was a lot of his IG captions, but still the crowd is going wild. There was a time when no one on God’s green and blue earth would speak that way about Beans and nothing verbal or physical wouldn’t happen. Though, I must admit, I don’t want Beans to entertain this.

Now, for my breakdown of sad angles. Through it all, this “Beef” is getting so much attention because there are a lot of self proclaimed “real hip-hop heads” out there that have given this the same amount of energy as Young Thug’s attire, Lil Yachty’s career and the new coined phrase “Mumble Rap”. 9 months have flown by and I doubt these “rap fans” can name 9 albums that dropped this year. How is this the “big one” to close out the summer? How did we get here? Why?

The Drake Effect: Dozens of you are grossly undervaluing Meek’s Diss and grossly overvaluing Game’s Disses. It’s the Drake effect. “Back To Back” was such a big record that many of you have just deemed Meek a failure in all aspects of life forever, so no matter what he does, he’s always going to come up short. See why big engines and artist with a great deal of capital will always get a W?

Street To Rap: To be clear. A gang member is saying he got snitched on and he got so angry that he wrote a 92 bar rap about it. I’m not in a gang, but from my understanding, if a street violation is really in place, there will be a minimal amount of talking and more than likely no music to make about the situation. For this to all stem from a incident with Sean Kingston should let you know how “serious” this could get.

Sean Kingston made one of the most dated IG video disses of all time.

Real vs Rap: Here we are again. Some of you swear by the code of “RNS” tactics and some of you are glad you “finally hearing somebody rap” but this is all cliche and subpar at best. How real is it to call out a snitch on Instagram? What’s gangsta about making a diss track the song you pushing for you’re album? Why are these rap being applauded?

Poor Lyrical Content: It’s 2016 and the rap world is still being told “This ni**a a snitch” “Game was a stripper” “Game was on Change of Heart” “Game had a Butterfly tattoo” “Meek lost to Drake” “Meek is dating Nicki” “Nicki needs to help Meek write raps” and it’s drawing an audience in. We haven’t heard one new bar of new lyrical content and yet many of you are going wild over this. I just don’t get it. What are you listening to that makes this impressive on any level? How great is a slanderous bar when you’ve known the content for 11 years?

Promo: This isn’t “Rap Beef”. Game even told Wendy Williams that. When it’s national interview time “It’s hip-hop” so although we’ve seen Game and his entourage actually throw hands, I can’t see that happening with 1992 dropping and Game being on time for all of his promo dates.

Isn’t dry snitching giving names and instances of criminal activity and sending threats of violence to another person on social media outlets?

EVERYONE: Stop saying “We don’t want another Biggie and 2Pac situation. Big and Pac didn’t kill each other. They also didn’t kill anybody in general. It’s not going to happen. If nobody died during G-Unit vs Murder Inc and if Nobody died when it was G-Unit vs Terror Squad, or State Property vs D Block or when it was 50 Cent vs The Game, it’s just flat out not going to happen. Rappers aren’t trying to die and nobody’s music is moving any fans or haters emotions to a level for that to happen. Well, unless your Jeezy and got 10 racks on it. We should really be saying we don’t want another Gucci vs Jeezy situation. Cause a rapper had to take a self defense plea over that.

De La Soul has a number 1 album and I’ve heard great things about Mac Miller’s latest album. They both deserve your attention more than this.

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