Hip-Hop’s Step Dads


Hip-Hop has given us amazing definitions of Fathers. I personally always love when I see men in this industry with their kids and families. They could be doing so many other things, which is why it’s especially great to see them with their families. I want to bring attention to a sub category under the Father umbrella; Stepdads.

Many famous Hip-Hop Fathers, were actually stepdads before they became biologic Fathers. I think it takes a special man to step up to the plate to raise, nurture and love someone else’s child. To love and raise a child as your own, even before you have children is a beautiful, selfless act. Here are four great examples of what I’m talking about.

Fabolous – Long before he had his two sons, Johan and Jonas, he had a daughter. When Fab starting dating stylist Emily B she had a daughter, Taina, from a previous relationship. Fabolous quickly “adopted” her as his own. Although Fab and Emily are not married, the relationship between him and Taina is that of father and daughter. Fab has been present for every major moment in Tain’s life.

T.I. – Before the entire “Family Hustle” squad, it was T.I., Tiny and Zonnique, Tiny’s daughter. Now, if you’re like me, for years I never knew that Zonnique wasn’t T.I.’s biological daughter. She actually looks like T.I could be her Dad. However, it wasn’t until a few years ago I discovered that Zonnique was T.I’s step-daughter. There’s a beautiful bond between these two. She refers to him a “Dad” and T.I is quick to let anyone know if you mess with his oldest baby girl, then he’s coming to you. The fact that the majority of the public didn’t know Zonnique was a step daughter for years speaks volumes in itself.

Waka Flocka – He recently married his long time girlfriend, Tammy Rivera and is now step father to her daughter, Charlie. The two can be seen playing around and spending quality time together. I must say they have some of the most adorable photos on social media.  It definitely shows a different side of Waka that is refreshing to see.

Diddy – Now we all know Diddy is a family man and he loves his kids. However, Diddy’s oldest son, Quincy is not biologically his. Quincy’s father is actually, R&B singer Al B. Sure. When Diddy was with Quincy’s mother Kim Porter, he legally adopted Quincy. Although Quincy does know his biological father, he still considers Diddy his Dad. Diddy has given Quincy the world and every year Diddy does his annual Christmas card photo with his children, Quincy is right there front and center.

It’s always said that “Black men aren’t good Fathers” or “they don’t take care of their kids”, but the men above prove those statements wrong before they had kids of their own. Some people would probably never guess that these rappers are also awesome step dads. These men are role models for fatherhood and have stepped up in a way that probably most wouldn’t. It’s one thing to raise your own children, but to fully commit to raising someone else’s child, that’s major.  Kudos to you gentleman!


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