Lil Yachty Stays Winning

There is not an hour that goes by in the world of hip-hop where 1 artist is not mentioned in either a positive or negative way. That one artist is Lil Yachty. [Waits to get backlash for calling Yachty an artist]

It’s kind of wild how 1 person can literally change the conversation in hip-hop. Over the last several weeks Lil Yachty has become “the worst rapper ever” “The Prince of Mumble Rap” along with the standard “culture vulture” “trash” “wack” and of course “not a real emcee”.

I’m not here to debate any of those factors. From the door Yachty made it clear “He’s not a rapper” on Hot 97 and really couldn’t describe exactly what it is he’s doing as far as music genre is concerned. He makes it clear that he could care less about freestyling, having bars or making a hip-hop classic album. With that all being said, the question I have for all, which I honestly know the answer to is, Why do you care so much? Once he said “I’m Not A Rapper” I removed him from all my “rap based conversations”. What he’s doing isn’t hurting my soul, so I’m not tripping over it.

The is the era of Fame equaling Currency. These kids get off on being popular today. Not by being real, great or hip-hop. The majority of the supporters of Yachty could care less if he’s the best rapper out and pointing that out in this era, makes YOU look like a hater.

A lot of OG’s are coming at the necks of the young cats of today and building a perception that “The Eras” and it’s Legends don’t mess with artist like Yachty, but it’s fact that these kids exist and are doing their thing because of the stamp, push and co-sign of some of the most respected people in the industry.

Yachty runs with Coach K. Coach K is the reason why you know names like Jeezy, Gucci and Rocko. At one time they too were the “New guys that are ruining hip-hop”

Rick Rubin introduced D.R.A.M to Yachty and is the reason why the song Broccoli exist. Rick Rubin is 1 half of the original front office of Def Jam. An entity I feel is the most important label in regards to hip-hop being in the music industry.

Do I think Lil Yachty is NICE? No. Then again, I haven’t really listened much. As a broadcast journalist I think his interviews are terrible and he purposely “plays difficult” to get it over with. I personally would prefer him to decline and keep it moving.

What I can say is, Yachty will be around for a while. The hate is just as real as the love and he’s literally a buzzword for whatever a person loves or hates about hip-hop right now. That’s going to generate hit records. Why? Cause some people are going to give him a listen and say “this ain’t that bad” and others will listen and say “THIS ISH IS TRASH!!!!” Then share it with a bunch of people in hopes they’ll agree. Y’all have no idea how many rappers would love for you to put that kind of “Word of mouth” promotion behind their latest single. You know why you heard about guys like Joyner Lucas, Dave East, Nick Grant and other “real emcees” late? Because you and your friends aren’t talking about them daily. You’re too busy bashing Lil Boat and making his name resonate through the internet and then you’ll play 90’s hip-hop and “want to take it back” instead of finding and embracing the new cats that really get busy.

The People make the hits and the stars….That’s why Yachty Stays Winning.

This my joint….

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