The @AG.Tha.Pharoah Conversation #CCWCQ

AG Tha Pharoah is one of the most consistent grinders I have ever met. We’ve seen each other in passing many times over the years and he was definitely someone I wanted to sit down and have a conversation with.

It would have been unfair to just talk music with AG. This young cat is doing music, some production, photography, videography, has his own clothing line and is assisting with a store called Nap or Nothing with another great grinder, Maxie. It’s a lot of work and I wondered if he would ever burn out or reach a point to where he would stop creating. AG answers that question as well as what he feels this current state of Black Creation is and gives insight to why he does, what he does for Indianapolis on this Cool Conversation.

P.S. I hope you like Pop Music.

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