10 Favorite Songs of 2016 #BTRBestof2016

Diversity may not have been as high as everyone would have liked this year, but like I always say, You can’t point to one year in rap history where nothing great lyrically or song wise came out. With that said, you’re going to see some R&B records on this list, lol. Let’s get to the music, shall we?

Dave East “Keisha”: Dave dropped a dope album. This is my favorite joint off his album. Y’all need to stop complaining about “mumble rap” and just play “Kairi Chanel”

Chance The Rapper “Blessings”: Yeah I know, “No Problems” is y’all joint and that cool, but the joint that stood out to me on Coloring Book was “Blessings”. If anybody is asking me, I’m saying this joint is the hands down best joint on the album.

Had to give y’all the reprise, cause it’s super hard!

Dreezy feat T-Pain “Close To You”: This is one of the hardest songs of the year and definitely from one of the best albums of this year. Check out Dreezy’s “No Hard Feelings” if you haven’t already. She can really rap too. “Bad Bi**h” a dope record that I’m surprised wasn’t very big this year.

Lil Bibby “You Ain’t Gang”: I’m on the Bibby Bandwagon with no shame. I want to see this young man win. This was my joint whether in the car or running a mile.

Gucci Mane feat Kanye “Pu$$y Print”: This was one of the great moments in hip-hop this year. That’s Swae Lee on production by the way.

Ty Dolla $ign feat Travis Scott “3 Wayz”: Campaign was a really dope album and this was the first song I played 10 times in a row. When I’m out during the week, this is my theme music.

O.T Genesis “Push It”: End of day, O.T is 3 for 3. This is my favorite of the 3.

ScHoolboy Q “Groovy Tony”: Honestly wanted to post Ride Out and Overtime with this too. Q again dropped a really dope album, thus securing his spot as my favorite member of TDE. Grab that Blank Face album if you don’t have it.

Migos “Bad and Boujee”: Again I will say; I am on the Quavo bandwagon. The Migos have come a long way lyrically from Versace. You can’t hate on them now. It’s clear that everyone is trying to do their best version of them now. I’m actually checking for their next move.

Drake: Views may have had mixed reviews and the biggest songs didn’t have raps on them but Drake had some really dope rap moments this year. unfortunately you can’t get good audio that stays up for 24 hours to use for a post. Views, U With Me, Weston Road Flows and Grammys were some of my favorites of this year. Fake Love is my anthem but again, that’s not a rap song.

Joe Budden “I Gotta Ask”: Although the off mic stuff gets more attention, Joe Budden dropped a really dope album this year! Joey actually put out a lot of dope songs in general this year. Now I could have put “Wake” on here, but I want y’all to mess with the new album.

All of hip-hops great moments can’t be put into one post, but there are just some of my personal favorites. Check out the IG/FB as I run down some of the favorite albums of 2016 under the hashtag #BTRBestof2016

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