Why Trump’s Presidency Could Be Great For Hip-Hop

We are just days away from the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States, President-Elect Donald Trump. And while a big vocal portion of the U.S is expressing their gripes and are in the mindset that we are in the last days, I see a glimmer of light in the culture I love and grew up in.


Although I didn’t vote for Trump, I will say that his campaign was brilliant and now, I think his reign is going to be one that sparks accountability and greatness. Not from him, but from a lot of the platforms and people we love in hip-hop.

Snoop, on the night of President Obama’s farewell speech/event put on notice that he was watching to see which one of these “Jigaboo A$$ Ni**as” is going to hop on that stage to perform, so he can roast them.

Diddy hopped on Snapchat to express his distain for all the “Cooning and Buffoning” thats been going on in hip-hop.

When the pillars of the East and West start talking that kind of talk, great change can be expected. The music is soon to follow. The voice of people that want to hear lyrics and understand what a rapper is saying has already gotten louder. We are seeing more OG’s working and putting out better music. The co-signs for the young guys that can really spit are getting more attention on bigger platforms and all of a sudden people aren’t into the over promotion of lean, pills and a reckless lifestyle. In fact, you see more rappers trying to eat right, exercise and trying to improve their minds now more than ever.

The greatest thing I seen for hip-hop this year so far was Slim Thug, riding through his old hood. Not to stunt in some million dollar whip, but to show how he purchased the land and property and upgraded it. He’s sending the message that if you love your hood, you should try to rebuild and take care of your hood. Now obviously he didn’t start doing that on election day, but the people across America and social media didn’t always see what he was doing. What better time than now, when some feel all hope is lost?

Many feel that many felt the fight was over when Barack Obama took office. It appears that Donald Trumps countdown has cause a social and cultural awakening. All of a sudden getting to the bag by any means isn’t being saluted. Right now, even wanting to talk with Trump is getting you clowned, shunned and disrespect amongst the Black Delegation. I don’t think that’s right in the bigger picture, but at least now we know the Kumbaya is over and everyone and their actions are being dissected at a high level.

One album and one artist aren’t going to solve everything or speak for everyone, but I’m interested to see who wants to do better now that they feel the next 4 years is going to be rough to get through. Like it or not, we’re going to have to thank the Trump Administration for a lot of the good we see in the culture.

Let’s Make Hip-Hop Great Forever!

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