Remy Ma & Papoose: REAL Love & Hip-Hop


Rappers Remy Ma and Papoose aka Mr. and Mrs. Mackie have been married for almost 9 years strong. Together they are the true definition of what love, loyalty, partnership and hard work look like. In 2008, Remy Ma served six years in prison. That’s a tough situation for anyone to deal with. Most people may have walked away from the relationship, but not Papoose. He chose to stay and stand by Remy during this time. Papoose has always spoke about how they weren’t going to let any prison wall come between them and what they have. The loyalty and level of commitment he shows her is incredible and Remy gives it right back.

Today, Remy Ma is a free woman and their relationship is stronger than ever. My favorite thing about the Mackie’s is the transparency in their life and relationship. I love how through the struggle, parenthood and marriage these two are still each others best friend, lover and soulmate. Their love and connection is present in everything they do; From homemade Instagram videos, career support and their interaction while they’re out and about, it looks and feels authentic. They definitely have something special and you don’t see that everyday in the hip-hop world. 

There aren’t many relationships that I look at as a “relationship goals” but this one most certainly is. Remy Ma and Papoose are a great love story and together their love is all the way up!

“B*tches ain’t sh*t, money over hoes, we don’t love them loves, these hoes ain’t loyal…I wanna be the 1st person to let all men know – WE WERE TAUGHT WRONG”!
“That negative way of thinking was implanted in our minds to prevent our families from growing together, to prevent us from being productive in society and to keep us at odds with our amazing Queens. As you mature in life, that train of thought will block your blessings and blind you from finding your soulmate. As you can see, this was 1 of the happiest days of our lives; you can not fake this type of happiness. Truth be told my wife and I were inseparable from the first day we met. If we weren’t physically together, we were on the phone. Our time apart was spent wishing, waiting and praying to see each other again. So by the time the legal problems came, the love was already rock solid and we knew that we weren’t gonna let no prison wall come between us. I can not claim it was easy. At times it became extremely hard, but we stuck together and it was that unity that got us through it. At times we needed help and had no one to turn to, which might have been a blessing in disguise because we discovered all we got is us. It was communication with a brilliant partner, that love from a caring concerned partner, that loyalty from a Queen that inspired me to continue and simply take it 1 day at a time. My wife came home and did everything she told me she was gonna do; this shit is so INCREDIBLE! I have never seen a person who’s actions spoke louder than their words, you deserve it all baby girl. Happy #anniversary #blacklove is for EVERYBODY, block out all negativity. Stay positive, stay successful, stay united, stay loyal and keep winning” – Papoose


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