February Rap Beef: Young Dolph vs Yo Gotti

February. Most popularly known for Valentines Day and Black History Month. It’s February 1, 2017 and Young Dolph is here to show no love and let Yo Gott, a black man know, he a b**ch and so is his team.

For those paying attention to the Memphis rap scene, this day was cooking up for a long time. Around the time of CM7, Yo Gotti was becoming one of the hottest rappers in game on a mainstream level. This was around the same time another Memphis rapper by the name of Young Dolph was just starting to get his thing going.

Over the last 5 years, Whether it was a song or interview, it was obvious Gotti had an issue with something or somebody, but wouldn’t really speak on it. When asked about the scene in Memphis, he would name some cats, but not the one many expected; Young Dolph. As time would roll on, Gotti would co-sign and sign Black Youngsta. An artist who at the time of signing, you could argue wasn’t the top new artist out of Memphis. Especially when you see the amount of product that Dolph was putting out.

Fast Forward to the King of Memphis album, which will celebrate it’s 1 year anniversary this month. The title alone was meant to “spark controversy” or debate. Yo Gotti’s new found level of success wouldn’t let him entertain it publicly. Smart move, but we can’t deny that Dolph was on a couple of the biggest records of 2016 and his rise and notoriety is undeniable. With “Play Wit Yo’ B**ch” out, Gotti now under attack and is now going to be expected to respond on some level.

Now, in true “Trap Rap” fashion, I expect the “Real vs Rap” lines get blurred. The talk about who really moves the dope and who’s really “real” in the streets is going to get talked about. This could get ugly seeing how Memphis is very small compared to other cities.

I respect the fact that Young Dolph isn’t afraid to rap, but I don’t think anyone will be interested in Dolph and Gotti trading Bars. Gotti has improved leaps and bounds as an emcee. Dolph won’t win this battle in the booth. An honestly, I don’t think he wants to. That’s where Black Youngsta comes in. Any young man that gets caught stealing candy at a Wal-Mart and cusses out a woman who’s an employee for “snitching” obviously isn’t wrapped too tight. This is also the same young man who thought it would be a great idea to upload videos of himself and his team with guns, looking for Dolph. Who knows the level of antics this will produce. I’m unsure if we as a hip-hop community should entertain this.

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