If Tom Brady and Bill Belichick Were In Hip-Hop…

It’s Super Bowl Sunday and the Patriots are once again back at the Big Dance with another chance to make history. No QB/Head Coach tandem has been to 7 Super Bowls before. No QB/Head Coach tandem has one 5 Super Bowls. Tom and Bill have accomplished one of these just by taking the field. The other remains to be seen. The love, hate and success of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick got me thinking. If their profession was hip-hop. What tandem would they be?

Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg?


The tandem that made us truly recognize tandems. Dre and Snoop became the identity of an entire coast with their music. They brought the good and gangsta to hip-hop in the most reckless but entertaining fashion possible. Hip-Hop will forever be in love with this combination. They broke new ground and brought new elements to the game that still stand today. They are definitely two of the best to do what they do.

Baby and Lil Wayne?

baby-wayneThe tandem that always remained the last two standing. Baby seen “the future” in Lil Wayne and made one of the most accurate proclamations ever in hip-hop. Through the wins and losses, the one constant in Cash Money was Baby and Wayne. Many stars have fallen or were made disposable in their quest for dominance. Many disagree with how they handle business and how they win, but what they do works for them. We may not understand it, but it’s a time tested winning formula.

Dame Dash and Jay Z?
When R-O-C was the strongest team. Dame and Jay were at the forefront. Jay did his job of cooking up great product and being a key culture influencer. Dame made sure the Roc and everybody in it got what they needed and then some, by any means. Dame and Jay tried everything to win in hip-hop. Clothes, Liquor, Movies etc. When we look back. We have to admit, nobody will ever do it quite like they did.

Ja Rule and Irv Gotti?
ja-rule-irv-gotti Many try to bury the undeniable legacy that was Murder Inc. but it just can’t be done. When Irv and Ja started winning, hate immediately followed. Their formula for success was undeniable and once it became a wave of how to create. The game changed forever. There are some stats Ja Rule holds over some rap giants on this list. He also may have 2 or 3 of the biggest rap songs ever.

Biggie and Puff Daddy?
biggie-and-puffyOne of the fastest successful duos of all time. Even though it may have seemed unlikely on appearance, Biggie truly became one of the most desired and successful emcees in and out of the booth. Although Craig Mack helped create the foundation. It was Biggie that added the marble floors and granite countertops in the Bad Boy house. Biggie and Puffy’s winning formula has been tried numerous times and some success has been achieved. However, no one has ran the system like Christopher Wallace.

Dr. Dre and Eminem?
dr-dre-eminemAs far as we know, Em and Dre are the greatest selling duo of all time. Many have tried to discredit Em and say “if he was Black he wouldn’t be as successful”. There is a lot of truth to that. The other side of that truth is, he wins with what he’s got and he opened up the game for a new type of artist and audience. It pains many to believe that Eminem could be the greatest rapper of all time. Many hate that they don’t relate to his content. Dre found a diamond. He polished that diamond and made it the best looking diamond it could be. The world is still marveled by that diamond.

2Pac and Suge Knight?
2pac-suge-knight When Suge bailed Pac out of jail, he knew he had the most dangerous talent in his possession. Pac was a winner and an influencer. Suge was a mastermind and threatening force. You put those elements together and you get a reign of terror that people on the outside looking in can only respect, fear and admire. No denying that Pac won bigger than ever under Suge and the same can be said in reverse. At their core on paper, they are probably the most unlikely duo to win. In reality, they were the most feared tandem hip-hop ever saw.

So who’s your pick? Do you think Tom and Bill are a tandem I didn’t mention? Let me know something.

Super Bowl Prediction: What I want to see is Tom Brady win his 5th Super Bowl and close the door on the “Best QB Ever” conversation for a while. I’m not a “Patriots Fan” and many try to pick apart Tom, Bill and the Organization for any and everything; But that happens because they win. If they weren’t winners, they would never be in the haters eye or on the media outlets. I like watching the level of greatness that Tom and Bill put forth. I may never see it again in my lifetime. So I want to enjoy that piece of history during Super Bowl LI.

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