Cam’ron Responds To Jim Jones [VIDEO]

Cam’ron had to set a record last night for using IG Live. I know for myself, last night was the first time I ever got on IG Live for anything.

The unfortunate demise of The Diplomats is here and permanent. It appears what we have here are two men who are definitely telling a lot of the same stories. However, the villain changes depending on who is narrating the story. How do we measure things like friendship, love, loyalty, family, help, sacrifice? As more layers are revealed amongst these two, it appears that maybe they were definitely meant to be business partners, but they became close friends solely by circumstance. It may not be hate on either side, but we can clearly see there is definitely no love.

Cam answers a lot, plus a few things I didn’t expect in the video below.

I said it at the end of the Jim Jones post and I’ll say it again. I don’t think we’ll ever get The Diplomats back together again. Honestly, at this stage with everything that’s transpired. I don’t want the reunion. These guys are grown men now and the chemistry as well as the love is just not what is was anymore. If they can’t restore the 2004 feeling. It’s not worth it.

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