Chance The Rapper Ends All “Indie Rapper Excuses”

The Grammy’s are officially a wrap and Chicago’s own, Chance The Rapper has taken home 3 Grammy awards. It’s a historic moment in music that shows the power of hustle, team and consistency as an independent artist can breed success in this “streaming/microwave” era of music.


Now a lot of you artist “looking to get put on” are out of excuses. The days of “I need a label” or “I need a big homey to co-sign” are over. The burden is now 100% on you to make it happen and now the world see’s that there is absolutely nothing stopping you from the level of success you desire. Chance has made the game get down with him. All these artist and entities want him to sign and he’s not going. That is a game changer in itself.

Many of you are still trying to make people buy your music. Chance hasn’t had a project for sale, ever. He’s still on iTunes, Datpiff or anywhere else that you can get digital music. It’s just not for sale. An artist with no monetary music sales just won 3 Grammy’s tonight. You can’t say “I need to sell to be seen” anymore. It’s 2017 and buying into your brand holds more weight than the actual buying of your music.

Content is subjective. All we can definitely say is, Chance’s sound stands out amongst a big percentage of what is deemed popular today. I won’t say the “Gospel influence” is the “Big Joker” in his wins, because it’s been done and Lecrae is still fighting for recognition and a nomination.

All this is not to ignore the fact that you do still need money to breakthrough and breakout in the music business. Every brand does. You can only do so much for free and for cheap. You will need money to make it in the music business no matter what route you want to go.

I guess it’s solidified today that Chance The Rapper’s Coloring Book album is a classic. The first 100% independent rap album, backed by no label or Rocnation, to get a national tour, a weekend festival, 7 Grammy nominations and 3 Grammy wins, including Best New Artist and Best Rap Album. These are all historic moments. It’s literally combining Tech N9ne and Master P’s hustle with Kendrick Lamar’s success and all from a team still based out of Chicago, Illinois. The music industry has been changed forever. Congrats to Chance The Rapper and the entire team!

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