No More Politically Correct Pleas In Hip-Hop

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Hip-Hop Delegation. We need to end something right now before 2017 moves forward. We need to put an end to the Politically Correct Disclaimer. It’s so soft. It’s weak. It’s the ultimate of pleas to cop in order to make people happy and we must end it now!


If you’re not sure what the PC Disclaimers are; Here are a few examples

“I’m not trying to hate, but…”
“No disrespect to their grind, but…”
“And I got love for them, but…”

And of course there are many variations and remixes to this as a critique or an opinion is given. Why? Have we become that soft that we can’t take constructive criticism? Are we that pressed for “Likes” and “Followers” that the best thing for us to do is cop pleas and play nice? Do we truly believe that respect and monetary gain is given to those that bite their tongue? Answer when you have time, but I’m not going.

If I love and support something, you’re going to hear about. If I don’t like something, you’re going to hear about it. I’m not going to “cushion the blow” or give out “green ribbons”. That’s a major part of the reason why we don’t get a lot of great rap albums. We are supposed to show love to “everybody out the hood trying to make it.” The problem with that is, everybody in the hood can’t rap. Some cats need to pick up a mic and some need to pick up a wrench and learn how to fix cars.

The best remedy is to support what you love instead of bashing what you hate. I’ll go out of my way to tell you several times how dope I think an artist or a project is, but you’ll maybe get 45 seconds of my time to hear about something I don’t like. We practice “good press” at Hating is going out of your way to down someone and dim their light. We’re not about that. We don’t have to like it, but we don’t have to disrespect it either.

As Bloggers, Writers, Journalist, Media, Curators or whatever you call yourself in this game. Let’s step it up. Lets give quality and promote quality. Let’s not succumb to the loud minority that dislikes your opinion. Let’s keep our words respectful and solid enough to stand on them. That’s the kind of dialogue and interaction that takes hip-hop to the next level.

Be Safe. Be Humble. Live Hip-Hop.

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