Chance Donates $1 Million To The CPS!

Today is a great day for hip-hop and a great day for the Chicago Public Schools. Chance The Rapper, is literally putting his money where his mouth is and getting active about being the change he wants to see in Chicago.

Chance was unpleased after his meeting last week with Governor Rauner. It appears that Gov. Rauner has a lack of effort, compassion and answers for helping the funding for the education for the children of Chicago. That got Chance motivated and active.

Today Chance called for everyone to get on IG Live for a press conference. The conference was to officially announce that he would be donating 1 million dollars to the Chicago Public School system!

Along with this generous and powerful feat the following will be happening. For every 100,000 dollars raised “Social Works” [Chance’s non-profit] will be donating $10,000 to a specific public high school, on top of the $1,000,000 that was donated today.

That means ten different schools will be getting a $10,000 check, from Chance and his organization. This starts with Westcott Elementary. The school he attended, lived 3 blocks away from and was present at today for this huge announcement.

It was also revealed that Common has been speaking with Chance about assisting with this movement to help the youth of Chicago.

Chance said this moment was made possible by his fans and their purchasing of tickets for his upcoming tour. He also acknowledged promoters across the nation as well as Livenation, Ticketmaster and AUG. In response to why Chance is doing this? His answer started with “Well, this is just what’s right.”

Unbelievable respect for Chance and him being a true man of his words and actions. Gov. Rauner still needs to do his job, but this is the start of great pressure on him to be the person he told the people of Chicago he would be.

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