Drake vs. Your Expectations

I love when a Drake project releases. It’s the ultimate conversation amongst Drake supporters and hip-hop heads. The conversation is always hilarious because of the stance people take. Drake comes out and people either love it or felt “he could do better”.

I admire the strong willed people who are clamoring for that “100% rap album” that they want to call classic. I admire them because they literally want something Drake has never done for the projects he calls albums. Most of Drake’s biggest singles for albums are melodic tunes not raps. That fact in place and people still expect something different. Why? “Find Your Love” “Marvin’s Room” “Hold On We’re Going Home” “Hotline Bling” “Controlla” “One Dance”. Do you see the common thread in these releases?

I been watching the “Drake Falling Off and I’m not feeling this” crowd as well. It’s ironic that they exist. Drake has the longest “Hot run” in urban music ever. Meaning from 2006 or 2007 [whenever you started listening] Drake has given you at least 1-3 joints to rock out to for the year. Some years, he gave you about 10. No breaks, no hiatus, no retirement, no “let my mans and them rock”, no “the label won’t let me put this out”. It’s been all Drake for at least a decade now. He hasn’t switched the sound or the content too much. In reality he takes a sound he’s done before and picks a project to lead with it. This “Reggae, Dancehall Drake” isn’t really that new. He’s just done more than 1 song so now you can attach him to the sound.

Realistically Drake hasn’t fallen off at all. He’s the biggest “Hip-Pop” star in the world. That may not have been what you wanted to happen, but it’s not about you. He’s done the one thing that you all hoped Jay-Z and Kanye would do for 10 years or more. Stay exactly the same while embracing the new era. He’s receiving constant ridicule for “reference tracks” and “ghostwriting” at a time where people are “not liking the music” the most. A time where many think Drake has leveled off or fell off lyrically. That’s really not a bad thing. If he wrote all of his best work, does the conversation change again?

What if those tracks were a plot to usher in a sound for a artist to a larger audience? What if “Trap Drake” was solely a plot to put Future in the spot he’s in today? Who’s been putting out just as much music as Future? Drake. Just thinking out loud.

Drake may be in a rush to put out projects to end his deal. Drake may not be putting out classic albums for any genre of music. But if the numbers truly don’t lie, then you can’t say he’s not the Greg Popovich or LeBron James of urban market music. Drake and 40 are now mad scientist. Every move is strategic. Watch what Giggs and Skepta do now that they’ve made More Life.

Drake is beyond your box. Drake doesn’t listen to you because you don’t make bigger hits and you don’t buy music. Everybody you claim is better or love more can’t seem to stay as hot as Drizzy. Drake puts out about 40 songs a year and radio stations will pick up at least five. Every release is an event. He’s the talk of every outlet and sector of the world. All this from just music. No blockbuster movie, liquor, clothing line or reality show. Just music. So, I ask you. What is your expectation?

Be Safe. Be Humble. Live Hip-Hop.

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