Mysonne Says Some of The Realest Ish Ever!

I wanted to share this interview today, because I honestly felt that I couldn’t come up with any content that needed to be seen or written today that would definitely be “better” for your minds and spirit than this is. Mysonne is a dope emcee and always has been. His words on and off the mic are consistent and this may be one of the most important interviews for the culture of hip-hop in it’s current state.

You’ll get a history lesson on his career and why some of you may just be learning who he is now. You are also going to get a real breakdown on what being “Real” is. I think this interview is filled with perfect breakdowns on the streets, being a snitch, what “crabs in a barrel” truly mean, the definition of “hater” and how to really tell who is an authentic individual vs someone who is trying to be a “real ni**a”.

Please watch this interview. Take it in and digest it from the sincere place that it’s coming from. We don’t get chances to see 3 black men in the broadcasting and entertainment industry talk this way often. So I can’t go without sharing it with as many people as I can. Not that the Breakfast Club needs specifically my promotion. I just want it to be clear that I am in full support of dialogue like this and will highlight it every chance I get.

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