Nicki Minaj #RegretInYourTears Contest Turns Into “Sallie Mae Stunting”

Over the weekend, Nicki Minaj stunted on Sallie Mae so hard on twitter. She agreed to help dozens of students either go to school, continue excelling in school or get back into school by covering their financial debt. It all came in the midst of Nicki Minaj requesting submissions for her #RegretInYourTears contest. She was going through liking, retweeting and sharing videos as a way to approve the submissions for her contest. The original prize was a trip to the BBA’s or a chance to hang with Nicki in the studio and hear some unreleased music. While Nicki is explaining the rules, who can win and how she has the ability to fly any of her contest winners to where she is from anywhere in the world, this happens.

We all know this doesn’t happen everyday. Even the tweeter was shocked and had to confirm. Well not only was this request responded to, but many others as well. Nicki even agreed to pay a full tuition if the student could get a 4.0 for the semester. From here dozens of students from all across the nation started requesting assistance from the Queen. Hundreds even thousands of dollars in registrations and loans were being covered with proof of status and or achievement.

Asking real questions can get you real answers. CJ sparked a timeline full of students and immigrants all across the world that wanted in on a true rare opportunity from their favorite superstar.

Nicki is obviously busy, but she did leave with this final word on her timeline.

I’m sure the crying laughing emoji doesn’t cover the understatement of Nicki Minaj running out of money to pay tuitions on twitter enough. This was a great selfless move! It’s great to see anyone in and of the hip-hop culture giving back. What started as a musically app contest, ended up being one of the most generous acts that we have seen represent “us” as a hip-hop community all year. Respect to Nicki Minaj! I really do hope all these students work hard and keep their end of the bargain. You’re not going to find many family members that are willing to pay your registration fees, loans or full tuition if you get a 4.0, let alone a multi-millionaire superstar entertainer. Congrats to all the recipients and do your best to make good on this golden opportunity.

Be Safe. Be Humble. Live Hip-Hop.

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