CamQuotes Reviews David Banner’s “The God Box”

After years of promotion and perfecting, David Banner has officially released, The God Box. A socially charged album filled with black love and rage and speaking for the frustrated in today’s “AmeriKKA”. The message is clear from start to finish. David Banner wants to make America as uncomfortable as the black delegation has been for centuries. The best woke word to use is “unapologetic” for this album. Although it’s cliche, it is accurate. David Banner has a lot to say. Some of it you may not like. What you must remember is this. He doesn’t give a f**k!

During the promotion, which has now spanned about 3 solid years. David Banner is on record saying that this album would be classic. He also said that others in the industry told him “If any other artist dropped this album. It would be considered one of the best ever.” Whether you agree with that or not remains to be seen. One thing is for sure. The God Box is a very dope album. With the way news and music moves some of the lyrics may come across as “dated”, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Get your ears on The God Box. Respect to David Banner.

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