Dear Slim, Your Other Fan, Not Stan…

Dear Slim,

First congrats to you on putting out Revival. It’s seems pretty crazy how excitement with the spite flows. I can’t even front, Fam, you still got some nice flows. Well into your 40’s and rapping at high levels. I wasn’t sure if I should make a video or stat. Go live and do a rant…or diss you in a rap. Since all that sounded wack, I post this letter on BehindTheRhyme. Maybe it goes viral and reaches you in a perfect time.

I can’t lie man this albums kinda “Eh”. Like you had good intentions, but it ended pretty meh. I won’t shit on it. It’s not as bad as people want to believe or think. But G, this albums brightest features are A Keys and Pink. They’re both phenomenal, but this won’t keep the rap fans smiling. It’s not the lyrics it’s the music that the people doubting. It’s not about “Old Slim” or “New Marshall” wilding. It’s you abandoning hip-hop for casual white fans now. I get that they’re most of your fanbase, but damn. You was repping for the culture and they still was buying in. I got every hard copy of all your CD’s. You made an album for the folks that got put on to you, through Recovery.

Yo, get your money man, I ain’t pouting. But yo, with your budget; Most of the album could be done by Hoodie Allen. And that’s no disrespect to him, I’m just saying. You brought hip-hop to the globe. Now you making “World Rap” your constant lane. We don’t want to hear that shit, Em, I’m sorry. This albums was refreshing as board games and Atari. Great for nostalgia but the feelings disconnected. It’s like even YOU feel like hip-hop is not accepted. That’s messed up for the greatest rhymer in the world. To only give us Trump slander and apologizing to a girl…that you killed a few times a few albums ago. Old concepts with moments of borrowed new wave flows? Bro!

Damn Slim. You love hip-hop anymore? Have you abandoned us? You think we don’t love you anymore? I know niggas is haters and they always gon’ complain. But what about fans like me that scream the praises to your name? If I can be real, you been out of touch since Encore. Lucked up with Recovery, LP2 and Relapse was a light snore. It’s not the bars, your over par and your style is still exciting. I’m more disappointed with how you put things together sonically. I don’t think you need Dr. Dre, so don’t think that. You need to be around other cats that understand that, you don’t have to ride the way or do classic boom-bap. You 2.0 yourself spit hard and the world will react.

I think the next album should feature Alchemist and Daringer. Maybe a couple tracks from the great Statik Selectah. Y’all already the coolest white boys ever and love hip-hop. So prove to the world your rep that and make the casual fans flock. Bronson and Mayhem will give you real flame. Love Ed Sheeran, but next trip you need Benny and Conway. Final thing I want to say is get out more. Embrace the culture of today and really just be down for…the changes in the world that’s beyond your TV Screen. It’s been a long time since Baggy sweats and Jenco Jeans.

I know you don’t have to listen Slim, but damn I hope you do. Your hundreds of millions sold, but is the music true? To you? I get that you have some self doubt and feeling trapped, but Revival should be named “NOW, That’s what I call Rap”. Enough of that fam, we really need the cat that wrote “Solider”, “Just Don’t Give A Fuck” and other classic tracks. Like “Who Knew” “The Way I Am” and “Rock Bottom”. That timeless anyone can relate and head nod with. I’ve talk enough, but I would like to meet in private. To show you it’s all love, but you got to get your stride back. If you understand my stance on this than hit me back.

Truly yours

CamQuotes. Your other fan, not Stan.

3 thoughts on “Dear Slim, Your Other Fan, Not Stan…

  1. Dope as fuck!!! As an old time Eminem fan I totally agree, he disappointed me so much with revival and you were able to perfectly describe my feelings with good written rhymes. Good Shit! Mmlp2 was meh but I give him a pass cuz there was some dope tracks on it. But Recovery and Revival don’t get no love, no love whatsoever and I love Eminem. Also your blog is dope, it’s the best hip-hop blog I have seen on this site so far, I just opened mine and it shows me I still have a lot to do.

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    1. Love! We appreciate you checking out the content and digging it. Sorry it took so long to get back with you. We’ll be creating new content soon. Best of Blessing with your blog! Do you! Be Safe!

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