Episode 70: Survive Being A Bitch!

#BanginOnLunchTables: Episode 70: Survive Being A Bitch!
Produced by @JanelleNumber1

Recorded the morning of 3-31-19. Technical difficulties can’t stop us. Financial strain can’t stop us. This is truly meant to be. We just got to put in the work. HUGE SHOUT OUT TO @JanelleNumber1 who literally saved this show from an audio standpoint.

New Homes – 2:19
RIP Tech 9 – 6:06

New Music
Boosie Badazz 3.5 – 10:00
King Combs Cyncerly C3 – 15:15
Saweetie ICY – 20:52

Will this be a Women’s Hip-Hop Evolution? – 25:24
Juve and Birdman Just Another Gangsta – 29:29

A Yelawolf Conversation – 31:54
– White rappers/Rock Rap “cool music vs using culture”
– The difference in Paul Wall vs every other white rapper

Logic Supermarket – 46:23
– One likes it, One doesn’t
– Should he continue in this lane?

Cardi B Upsets Men 1:00:32
– The Drugging statement
– I can help you f**k strippers
What did DMX say? – 1:11:55
– Street Life: Victim or Defendant 1:13:55
The Cardi video was really about the industry work she put in – 1:21:05
– Why do some men hate Cardi B and her success?
– If Cardi B out…a lot of people out too – 1:33:00
– We letting Kodak Black rock though??? – 1:40:30

We can’t allow Cancel Culture in hip-hop – 1:44:50

Final Words – 1:57:33

Next Weeks Episode: RIP Nip Hussle The Great…Damn

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