Ross Ain’t Never Been Snoop Dogg

#BanginOnLunchTables: Ross Ain’t Never Been Snoop Dogg

Is Wordplay considered Bars or Flow? – 1:48

New music
– Megan Nicki and Ty Hot Girl Summer – 16:45

“Ladies Night 2020” and who’s on it – 24:28

Can Rapsody wash Nicki or Megan on a track? – 36:50

– Ty Juicy and Pat “Hottest In The City – 42:20
– Sir and Kendrick Lamar – 42:55
– Murs, 9th And Soul Council – Iliad is Dead and The Odyssey is Over – 46:29
– Blueface Dirt Bag – 50:34
– Rick Ross – Port of Miami 2 – 54:55
– Pusha T Sidebar

A Ross Conversation – 1:04:57
– What makes Ross a lyricist
– What year was Rick Ross a Top 5 rapper?
– Is He the best “Coke Rapper”?

What if: MMG Edition – 1:33:58

The Overrated Rick Ross Stat – 1:49:57

90’s: Who were the biggest rap stars of the 90’s in real time? – 2:02:30

Final Words – 2:29:17
-Jonez: Listen To More Murs

-Cam : Projects of the Decade Teaser

One thought on “Ross Ain’t Never Been Snoop Dogg

  1. Jah projectillogic
    Fri, Sep 27, 1:59 AM (1 day ago)
    to Jah

    Hello I’m projectillogic as of today I have 39 songs at I used to be on reverb Nation but they stopped letting me upload new songs at reverb and at reverb these are the song reviews I had in my press kit

    “This is more my thing. It’s very upbeat and the guy rapping raps as good as snoop dogg who is the king of rapping. He has a very good voice for rapping and the backtrack is very good as well. Good rhyming in this rap as well. I really like this and hope I get more of this music.
    “With regards those 2 comments you mentioned, I speak from the point of view of an engineer and from listening experience. For the first, there are many similarities between your music and music which has become successful and/or well known (as well as many differences), so with the appropriate nurturing and treatment, it could become successful”

    “The song beat was great I loved the lyrics. The rap was just great I loved it I hope other people like this song to. The instrumental was great. The artist did a great job good work for him.The raps of the song was perfect I liked the rap it made since I liked this song. The rapper I think did a great job and I hope he can get big and get to be one of the greatest rappers of all time. I want this rapper to be known for his singing and I want people to know him.”

    “I really like this! The chorus I like a lot too. I love the lyrics. It’s deep and truthful. I like the diffent voices, it sounds like more than on person. The auto tune sounding voice is amazing with the song. The song is not too fast, or too slow, but just right. The lyrics are very understandable, and this song is just great. I would say a hit if it were to be on the radio. :)”

    “I love the lyrics nice beat, Nice tune I love the singers voice the song is a very good piece of music. Im a moder saint like a child palying games you always walk off! I love teh lyrics and teh beat. Im lost in the lyrics they are loved. Th estrain to never be afriad, no no no I can do what ever tonight no no no. This is a total a 10 so good I love this one! The fingers of fury I killed the bery love feel me I dont scare me no no no no fight me no ground!”
    “The 15 years rapping experience definitely shows, that’s definitely not something you can fake.”
    “I definitely see the potential in your music too. Keep at it and I’m sure eventually something’s gotta happen :D”
    “You are right, I see in you a lot of potential, and I see the “creative fire” burning really strong in your heart.”

    my site is a portal to the volumes of information that people have encouraged me to write all these years especially the wutang clan message forum. ive gone viral before and im going to go viral again baby ive been putting in so much work its crazy.
    heres my youtube channel but i need 100 followers for a custom url


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