Don’t Die Broke and Mad with No Plan

#BanginOnLunchTable Don’t Die Broke and Mad with No Plan

Reacting to T.I vs Rick Ross – 1:15

Thank You! BOLTS FB over 400! – 11:08

We see you Ni&&as! – 12:00

New Music??? – 13:20

Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and Roger Goddell’s NFL – 18:20
– The Deal
– The Understanding and Outrage
– Kaepernick’s Plan
– Deeper than Super Bowl Shows

Best Woman Rapper Criteria – 1:34:19
– Nicki’s Thoughts
– Who’s The Best?
– Who’s the Hottest
– We got men in here somehow…Sorry

Shawnna on IG Live – 1:49:05
– Old Head Mentality
– The Miseducation of The Era before Social Media
– Self Awareness moment for everybody

Final Words – 2:15:33

Mic Jonez: Listen to more Young Thug/What’s On Cam’s Ross Playlist?

CamQuotes: Snoop Dogg is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; Not Vince Carter

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