For God’s Sake Keep It Real

#BanginOnLunchTables For God’s Sake Keep It Real

Can LL Cool J Survive today? – 1:25

Kanye West “Jesus Is King” – 23:37
– How good is this album?
– The Real Problem and The Church Conversation
– Cam brings up Yeezus
– Kanye and Cam on the same page
– Other Gospel Alternatives

Bizzy Bone “Carbon Monoxide – 1:02:17
– Thoughts on the album
– Impromptu Bone member ranking

“Put The Pussy on The Chainwax” Rapping – 1:09:00

Akon “Akonda” – 1:09:48
– How does Jonez feel about Akon?
– Cam thoughts on Afrobeat Music

Mic Jonez on Rhythm & Flow and The Winner – 1:14:18

Is Hip-Hop is starting to teach conformity and unison? – 1:18:46

Final Words – 1:33:39
– Listen to Dope Ish!
– Really listen to what you said you listened to
– Again…Yeezus is still dope

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