Wayne Makes Air Force 1 Lows!

#BanginOnLunchTables Wayne Makes Air Force 1 Lows!

RIP Kobe and Gigi Bryant – 1:30

Ma$e wants back pay from Diddy – 16:42
– Jonez sounds off
– Let’s look from Puff’s angle
– Diddy got like 4 Grammy’s and 1997 was HIS regardless!

50 Cent gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame – 40:09

New Music
Kevin Ross “Audacity Vol.1” – 44:38
Yo Gotti “Untrapped” – 45:38
Key Glock “Yellow Tape” – 48:52

Russ “Shake the Globe” – 51:02
– Jonez Culture concerns
– Who is Russ comparable to from the 2000’s/2010’s?

Lil Wayne “Funeral” – 1:05:34
– Jonez gives his critique
– Cam is giving a response not a critique
– We done telling rappers what WE want or nah?

Final Words – 1:28:56
Fakeshore Drive’s “Best Chipmunk Sample” questions
– Jonez Playlist
– Champions isn’t Top 20 anymore

Do you Sh*t!

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