Stay In Your Region

#BanginOnLunchTables Stay In Your Region

Project Pat vs Rick Ross – 1:40

Hip-Hop Killing IG – 14:06
– Boosie on IG Live
– Timbaland vs Swizz Beatz – 19:26
–Aaliyah Music sidebar

– HitBoy vs Boi1da – 31:30
–Other Producers, Beatmakers and Battles we would like to see

New Music
– Paul Wall “Mind Over Matter” – 55:30
– Jeezy “Twenty20/Pyrex Vision – 58:08
– Slim Thug “Thug Life”/ Thug got The Rona??? – 1:00:59

Sidebar: Who had the best New Houston release?

Childish Gambino’s 3.15.20 – 1:10:53

Final Words – 1:17:09
– Stay in the crib and be productive
– Is there an artist making music that can shut down COVID-19?

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