We’re NOT Impressed!

#BanginOnLunchTables We’re NOT Impressed!

The week we missed – 1:00
– Happy Mothers Day
– RIP Andre Harrell
– RIP Little Richard

Nelly vs Ludacris #VERZUZ – 10:11

Is the 2000 Hip-Hop Class the greatest? – 22:14
– What’s the criteria?
– Who dropped in 2000?

Why did we stop messing with Luda? – 34:52

Now y’all feel like Cam? FOH! – 43:22
– Busta Rhymes

A music recap – 1:01:52

Final Words – 1:08:05
– Jonez is disappointed in Elliot Wilson
– Cam doesn’t think Elliot Wilson is that good
– Take care of yourself

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