Man, Fawk Them Buildings!

#BanginOnLunchTables Man, Fawk Them Buildings!

IG: BanginOnLunchTables

Protests and Riots – 5:51
– If Black Lives Don’t Matter Buildings Don’t Matter
– We not protesting or rioting, but we’re not condemning the people that are
– Black on Black Crime!?! White people kill EVERYBODY in EVERY PERIOD of history!!!
– The Government, Job loss and Quarantine
– If All Lives Matter, Call out these Fucktard Cops that take lives!

New Music – 1:00:34

Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist “Alfredo” – 1:04:33
– Jonez wants Gibbs in a different conversation
– Meek, Wale, Big Sean

Final Words – 1:25:41

Allies! Where you at?
Rappers! Rap about what’s going on right now!

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