Keep Speaking Hip-Hop!

#BanginOnLunchTables Keep Speaking Hip-Hop

Happy Birthday Shouts – 1:00
– Kanye West
– Tupac Shakur
– Kendrick Lamar

RIP JasFly – 24:55

The Grammys are Changing… – 35:11
– Or Are They?
– We Should Dominate Alternative (REVISITED)

Hip-Hop Keeps Speaking Musically – 51:25
– DaBaby and Roddy Rich “ROCKSTAR” (BLM Remix)
– T-Pain “Get Up”
– Lil Baby “The Bigger Picture”
— We told y’all about Lil Baby before all this!

Final Words – 1:11:14
– Nicki Minaj showed us who she is
– Hip-Hop; Keep Pushing!

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