A Lot of Classic GOAT Talk

#BanginOnLunchTabes A Lot of Classic GOAT Talk

9/11, Jay and Fab – 3:08
– Does the new generation care as much?
– Is Ghetto Fabolous a classic now?

Little Brother’s Minstrel Show Turns 15 – 25:29
– How did we hear this album?

LL Cool J’s The G.O.A.T Turns 20 – 40:01
– Why this album can be a classic
– LL really didn’t lie to us in 1997
– What could make LL The GOAT?

Al Pacino rapping for coffee and donuts – 1:03:08

NEW MUSIC – 1:07:06
– Conway The Machine “From King To A God”
– G. McGee “Proper Demonstration”

Final Words – 1:18:31
– All Bias Sucks Ass
– The Adam 22 Twitter Attack

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