Kendrick Lamar’s Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers

Kendrick Lamar – Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers.

It’s been a while since I done this and I’ll try to make this as short as possible so bear with me.

The writing on the album is Phenomenal. I sincerely love the messaging. The content range and the technical skill and rap ability displayed on this album. Top Notch.

If you don’t like the album; I understand. And I’m not here to attack your intellect. I would sum your dislike up into 1 question; What do you listen to music for?

Because this isn’t the album that’s going to Play at Rooftops, Day Parties, Boat Trips, Strip Clubs, Night Clubs or being banged by “The folks Outside”

There also may not be many captions to live by, TikToks to dance to or react with and honestly depending how the content resonates with your personal life or a family members personal life…Some of this content may be hard to deal with. And I get it.

Some people solely listen to music for entertainment. AND THAT’S OKAY. It doesn’t make you smarter or dumber than someone that absolutely loves this album and has already given it the Grammy, The Nobel Prize, The Pulitzer and the Kobe All Star Award.

And…..This ISH ain’t that deep. It’s real. It’s Honest…It aint’ DEEP though. It’s deep if you Dropout that like to read now…Maybe…or Maybe you got a GED but you’re still the smartest in the sum of YOUR circle…Maybe it’s deep then…But nah. This is a very easy listen. Just being honest with you. The hard part is your reception to what you’re hearing.

Cause 2 things are constant about Kendrick Stans

1. They are going to overhype every time he drops.

2. They are going to oversell the basic things he’s not the first to do.

Ignore them. Cause Kendrick Hype beasting has been a real thing since Swimming Pools hit radio waves.

With All The Above said. I honestly think I LOVE this album. And I don’t LOVE ANY KENDRICK ALBUMS…BUT this one…It feels like he mastered HIS SOUND. Not 3 Stacks. Not Pac’s, but Kendrick Lamars Sound. And that’s a great thing for Hip-Hop. A new rapper mastering THEIR SYLE.

I didn’t listen at all on the first day this dropped. I waited. Then I listened to Volume 1 by itself one day. Then Volume 2, 24 Hours Later. And I got to say…This ISH HARD! As a lyric listener, I really enjoyed this.

My encouragement to all new or next time listeners. Listen to this album, knowing what you like or love about music. Don’t put yourself in the mind of trends, Youth Movements or your favorite rapper or album. Listen to it as a person that just wants to digest new music as a sincere fan of MUSIC. I think that will help remove a lot of criticism or hype.

Now for what y’all will call, “My Hot Take”.

This is the best Kendrick Lamar Album.

That’s doesn’t mean it’s a classic or that the other albums are NOT Classic. I left arguing Kendrick Classics in Last Decade when I was in my 30’s and enjoyed wasting my breath. Call those other albums whatever you want. IDGOSFWAN!

Keep Ignoring that you don’t Listen to Untitled, Unmastered and treat it like it never came out. And Keep FAKE LOVING Section 80….

Cause I know for A FACT…MOST OF YOU….NEVER HEARD of Kendrick Lamar before the Aftermath Signing, The Recipe and F**king Problems which is an A$AP Rocky Song….And that’s okay. Just Stop Fronting like you day 1 and going so hard for nothing.

I don’t know if this classic. It’s a been a week. It’s not flawless. Depending on your mood, there are definitely skips.

But when we talk range of topic, depth of lyrics and the “Audio Adventure” that both of these volumes take you on. This project is no less than GREAT.

Fam…He did his own version of Eminem’s K.I.M and Did a song that I have no doubt Kevin Samuels would have talked about had he been alive today. That’s HARD! Favorite song on the project for ME. We Cry Together is the song for the people that will just go straight to that.

But yeah. This is the only Kendrick Album I personally love. The others were dope…But this is the one for ME.

I have the comment section open for your opposing dialogue and banter. Love.

I don’t have to go back and listen to SH*T! I got a Hard copy of Good Kid M.A.A.D City. I also asked to be removed off the company email that asked to “Pick the Radio Single” from To Pimp A Butterfly”….So YOU…can’t tell ME…NOTHING!

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